Toaster is the main character in the film "The Brave Little Toaster" and its direct-to-video sequels.


He is the leader of five appliances (counting himself), known as Kirby, Radio, Lampy, and Blanky. He is friends with "the Master" (Rob McGroarty). Like all appliances, he only comes to life when there are no human beings around, not even in Rob's presence, or that of "the Mistress" (his girlfriend Chris) except for their baby Robbie (who is born before the events of "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars").

Despite being a male, he is voiced by Deanna Oliver in all three films (though due to the gender of the German name, in that dub, he is voiced by a man, while it is Lampy who is voiced by a woman).

Heroic acts: When The Missile was getting ready to launch Toaster and the ex-Supreme Commander rushed over just in time for the ex-Supreme Commander to deactivate it after he knew the abort code to stop the mission while taking "the little Master" (Robbie) back to Earth and get home



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