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Effect: The magician burns what little money he has left to publish a book before it's too late. In it, he tells her all of his tricks. He tells her how sorry he is that he left. He begs her to forgive him. He begs her to let him see her one last time.

   And then — like magic — she reappears.
~ The effect of 301st trick which possessed no instruction or way to execute it.

Tobin Hollis is an unseen character in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He is the creator of SCP-3079, a hard-back book containing detailed instructions for performing numerous anomalous stage tricks, and through the instructions Hollis tells the story of him and his estranged daughter.


Tobin Hollis was stage-magician who performed various tricks throughout North America. He had an eleven year old daughter whom he loved. However, in his pursuit of becoming a magician he abandoned her and began performing various tricks during the 40s and 50s.

Eventually, Hollis came to deeply regret his action, and towards the end of his career he decided to spent all of his money in creating a magic tricks book named 300 Tricks: Stage Magic Made Easy and containing instructions to execute anomalous tricks which were directed to his daughter. Some tricks included spawning a copy of the pet rabbit she had lost when she was little, manifesting hyacinths whose number equaled the number of her birthdays Hollis missed, and one which told her how much had grown. Hollis hoped that his daughter would find a copy of the book and after reading it she would forgive him and be reunited.

Sadly, after publishing his book, the SCP Foundation took notice of this and quickly seized all copies which they designated it as SCP-3079, and shortly after this they took Hollis under their custody. As he failed to reconcile with his beloved daughter, Hollis eventually died in a few weeks after being detained.


The true appearance of Tobin Hollis is never revealed and there are no details about it.

Powers and Abilities

Hollis appeared to be a normal human with no known properties, apart from possessing knowledge in executing some stage tricks. However, through unknown means he created 300 anomalous tricks which were capable of doing various things such as: restoring cut rope, teleporting cards and manifesting living clones of a rabbit, and manifesting hyacinths whose amount corresponded to the number of his daughter's birthdays he had missed.


Not much is known about Tobin Hollis. He appeared to love his job as a tricks magician so much that despite loving his daughter he abandoned her in order to pursue his dream. However, after being absent in most of her life he soon came to regret this decision and wished to seek his daughter’s forgiveness and reconcile. He spent everything he had left to write and publish his magic tricks book in order to reconnect with her and finally be reunited, but sadly he was unable to do so due to the interference of the Foundation and most likely died in despair.


  • In "The Leak" forum thread the author of SCP-3079, "Hartliss Detective Agency" and its series, The Great Hippo, explained that Jacob Hartliss was the one who taught Hollis his magic tricks.


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