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Toby is the dog belonging to the heroine Rennie Wickham and the main tritagonist of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.


Toby and his owner Rennie Wickham were brought along, by Ms. Van Desuen so she could socialize more and enjoy her graduation. It didn't appear her uncle, Charles McCulloch one of the chaperones, was excited to have her or Toby on the cruise. Toby rarely left his owner's side and was her constant companion during the trip. Its not known if he could see her visions of a younger Jason who haunted her memories, but it was clear Toby would protect her if Jason tried to attack.

After Jason massacared the students and the staff, he caused the ship to sink. Toby, along a few survivng students, Ms. Van Desuen, Rennie herself, and her uncle escaped the sinking boat and Jason temperoraily. But he would become separated from his owner when they reached New York. The group was jumped by two gang-bangers, who after trying to mug them, tried to shot Toby. Rennie got in between that attempted and Toby fled fearfully from the gunshots. While what became of him wasn't known, he most likely wandered the streets looking for Rennie and the others.

He's shown to have survived the entire ordeal and journey through New York at the end of the film. When Rennie and Sean had just escaped the flooding sewers and finally Jason, too. Toby came up from behind Sean on the streets, above. The three were happily reunited and set off on their journey free from Jason.