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Copper, you're my very best friend.
~ Tod to Copper

Tod is a fox and one of the titular protagonists (along with Copper) of Disney's 1981 feature film The Fox and the Hound and its 2006 midquel. He becomes best friends with Copper the hound dog, despite the two being natural enemies.  

He was voiced by both Keith Coogan and Jonah Bobo (the latter voiced him in the midquel) who also voiced Austin in The Backyardigans, and portrayed Danny in Zathura as a kit and by the late Mickey Rooney as an adult. 


Tod is a very friendly and charming fox, who is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Tod was shown to be angry when he calls Vixey a silly empty headed female and he also gets angry at The Bear when he fights him as Tod saves his best friend, Copper and his master, Amos Slade from The Bear attacking them.

However, he is also very naive, never considering that just because he's loyal to someone, doesn't mean they'll always be loyal back. This is especially clear with his relationship with Copper, who he always defends to naysayers, but who often lets him down. He is the arch enemy of Amos Slade and Chief who want to kill him.

He is shown to be sad when his mother died, when Mr. Digger shooed him away, when he forgot to say goodbye to Copper as he was going on a hunting trip with Amos Slade and Chief and when Widow Tweed got angry at him for making the milk spill in the barn. 


Tod is a slender red fox cub with a white underbelly, long bushy tail and a muzle. He also has a brown collar until he arrived at the game preserve in the forrest.

In the 2006 midquel, he doesn't have a collar like he did in the orignal movie.


  • Mickey Rooney was Tod's first voice actor to die.


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