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Togemon is the evolution form of Palmon. She can evolve to Lillymon.

Like her original counterpart, she is voiced by Kinoko Yamada in the Japanese version.


Mimi resolve to stay by Palmon's side causes her to evolve into Togemon. Togemon defeats the Drimogemon while Greymon breaks one of Ogremon's horns, driving him away.

When Taichi and the others form a plan to lure Gesomon to shore using Gomamon as bait. The plan succeeds but Gomamon is injured, and as Gesomon holds its own against Greymon and Togemon.

When Calmaramon invades the network along with Argomon (Fresh and In-Training forms), Togemon, Birdramon, Ikkakumon and Kabuterimon destroying the remaining Argomon, as well as knocking down Calmaramon with a single combined attack. Togemon and Ikkakumon and uses her acidic ink in an attempt to destroy them, Joe and Digidestineds in the Real World receive a message from Taichi to digivolve their Digimon partners to their Ultimate forms.

Episode Appearances

Appearances on Episodes
  • The Targeted Kingdom
  • That Boy is Joe Kido
  • The Children's Attack on the Fortress
  • Lilymon Blooms
  • The Kings of the Insects Clash
  • The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo
  • Soaring Hope
  • The Hikari of Dawn
  • Mimi-chan Wars
  • Jyagamon, Potato Hell
  • Mon-Mon Park in the Fog
  • Hikari and the Moving Forest
  • The Attack of Mugendramon
  • The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests
  • The Digimon School Under Attack
  • Contact from the Catastrophe
  • The Angels' Determination
  • The Great Catastrophe, Negamon
  • The Last Miracle, The Last Power


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