Toggle is one of the four main protagonists in LittleBigPlanet 3.


Long ago, three of the feared titans attacked Bunkum and stole ideas from the creative Heart. Right then, three heroes came and defeated the titans with their amazing abilities. However, when evil stopped coming, the Heroes returned to rest in their sanctuaries. Toggle returned to under the Ziggurat watching and appreciating ballet shows.


The Ziggurat

Sackboy is sent to the Ziggurat by Marlon Random to find Toggle. There he meets the king of the Ziggurat, Papal Mache. He sends Sackboy to find Toggles Marbles. Much later when Sackboy retrieves them, Papal Mache uses the Marbles to unlock the Sanctuary of Toggle. After searching the temple they find Toggle and he happily agrees to help them. Just when they are about to leave, an old gate drops down and separates Sackboy from Toggle and Papal Mache. Toggle is able to escape and somehow get Sackboy as well with the help of Papal Mache reminding him of his powers. The three of them unite and they encounter Newton who releases the second Titan. The Titan gathers lots of chains and joins together to make a giant chain monster. It chases Toggle through the Temple but eventually Toggle is able to outrun it and a giant wall falls on the titan destroying it. The heroes then head over to Bunkum Lagoon.

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