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Togusa is the tritagonist of the Ghost in the Shell franchise. He is a former detective for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the newest member of Section 9. He is also the only member of the team besides Daisuke Aramaki without any significant cybernetic upgrades (referred to as a 'natural'), though he does have a cyberbrain Motoko Kusanagi recruited him into Section 9 specifically for this purpose, to keep the unit from becoming too specialized.


Japanese Kōichi Yamadera (1995 film, Innocence, Stand Alone Complex), Tarusuke Shingaki (Arise)
English Christopher Joyce (1995 film), Crispin Freeman (Innocence, Stand Alone Complex), Trevor Devall (Stand Alone Complex OVAs), Alex Organ (Arise)


Togusa is a tall (around 5'10) man with an average build and fair skin. He has green eyes and dark brown hair that he keeps in a mullet. His usual attire when on the job consists of a grey suit with a blue tie.


As far as members of Section 9 go, Togusa's life has been comparatively easy- he is one of the few without any military background, the only one besides Aramaki without any significant cybernetic upgrades and, most significantly, the only one with a family, being happily married with two children. As a result, he is notably more idealistic than the rest of his teammates, who tend to be highly pragmatic, cynical and even ruthless. Despite this, none of the group have the heart to tell him that his idealism won't work in their line of work- they believe that it rounds up the team, and his incorruptible idealism is one of several reasons he was recruited into Section 9 in the first place. He tends to bring out the best in his teammates, though he sometimes argues with Batou, mainly due to the latter's 'cowboy cop' tendencies and trigger-happy nature.

Despite his kindness, Togusa initially doesn't think much of the Tachikomas, believing them to be just machines and especially doesn't like Batou's treatment of one of the blue tanks. They, in turn, dislike him for his dismissive nature, calling him a bigot.