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Hero Overview

Tohru is a main character of anime and manga series, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. She is currently living with Kobayashi and Kanna in Kobayashi's apartment compound.

She is voiced by Yūki Kuwahara in Japanese version of the anime, and by Sarah Wiedenheft in English version of the anime.


Tohru in her human form has short blonde hair with red tips and two long pig tails with the same red on the tips at her side. She has two horns on the side of her head and a maid headband with white ruffles. Tohru wears a long navy blue dress with a white short sleeve undershirt with white gloves that reach to her elbow and a short red necktie. She also has her green dragon tail out which is scaly and green on the top and white and smooth on the bottom. 


Usually a friendly and somewhat naive girl in the human world, Tohru is a outgoing and energetic girl, however at the beginning of the series she doesn't understand human rules. She sometimes shows aggression towards humans and mankind saying things like "The downfall of humanity." when talking abut fun things. However her attitude towards Kobayashi is extremely different she show romantic feelings for her and is generally very kind and does many things for her. She even despises others who may "get in her way" of her and Kobayashi.

Powers & Abilites

Dragon Breathe: Her breathe is powerful enough to stop a thunder storm.

Transformation: Uses this to take human form. 

Flight: As a dragon, she has wings to fly.


  • The running gag involves her attempting to feed Kobayashi piece of her tails become one of most memorable moment in both manga and anime.

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