Toji Sakata

Toji Sakata is a character in the Fatal Fury series. He is the best friend and the rival of Tatsumi Suō (Blue Mary's grandfather and Geese Howard's master).

He was voiced by Masashi Sugawara.


As an outstanding martial artist of youth, Toji has spent the rest of his life strolling aimlessly on the streets of Southtown. Once a happy and energetic warrior, he won his reputation with his solid and refined Aikido style, which allowed him to complete several powerful blows in just a few seconds. Toji is now just A forgotten old man is very dissatisfied with the society that once worshipped and admired his feat.

Toji only spends most of his time on the streets of Southtown crime. Any fool who is stupid enough to try to rob him will suffer terrible consequences and may eventually enter the hospital because of their arrogance. However, Toji's interest has been somewhat touched since the appearance of Geese Howard in the battle scene. It seems that the challenge of the criminal lord has once again reactivated his inner dormant struggle spirit. Toji fully understands Geese's legendary Hakkyokuseiken style, because he has repeatedly faced Geese's master, Tung Fu Rue.

Inspired by a new group of fighters who seem to challenge Geese, Toji may still be recovering his old battle flame and teaching the next generation one or two things about the real combat experience.


Once a jolly and high spirited fighter who had earned a name for himself in the world of fighting with his solid and refined Aikido style, which allowed him to deliver several powerful blows in just a few seconds, Touji is now nothing more than a forgotten old man who is terribly resentful towards the society that once worshiped and admired his feats.


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