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Tom is a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. He is the partnered with Jen as The Fashion Bloggers.

He was voiced by Jeff Geddis.


Tom is the tall man has a skin, light brown hair, black eyes and he wears a glasses. He wears a long light blue and dark blue shirt, grey pants and a red and white sneakers.


He was trying and confident so hard, Tom does have any skills being understood fashion. Despite for his new style to pass into the chance from the show to his always tries to how outlandish, and an latest fashion trend or even revival on first. Later on, he is fabulous, flamboyant tending overreact on really danger situations not sure that impeccable tends and taste skills to prepare on victory. His guarantee nature, flamboyant, a loyal panther friend Jen will go way to far at for competition by teaching the other contestants just a sometime competing by the others.


Tom and his partner Jen is introduced in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, as The Fashion Bloggers. They believe to win the race on style, they wanted to first arrived on the sky deck to making a challenge they are really scared by the hesitate, skywalk and frightened doing the challenge. He holding up as a several teams learn to complain are being helmets unfashionable. They lead in to the team, basically they had a costs cowardice to do the challenge, while Tom grab to Jen for life, and save them the next flight into Morocco.


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