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Thomas Lacaster Dubois
is a supporting character in Adult Swim's The Boondocks. He is one of Robert's friends. 


In the nineteenth episode, he is posessed by Stinkmeaner. This causes him to kick a man in the chest, act out at a court session, and even look at himself in a mirror, seeing and hearing Stinkmeaner. Stinkmeaner, using Tom's body, goes to Robert's house and fights him and the latter's grandchildren. The posessed Tom is tied to a bed. He is defeated when tricked into saying nice things.


  • Tom lives with his wife and daughter. Sarah is white, so their daughter is mixed.
  • At some points, he is shown to be fascinated with gays/gayness
  • His appearance resembles Barack Obama.
  • He has nightmares about being raped in prison.


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