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Tom Majors (nicknamed as MajorTom)  is the main protagonist of the Chaotic cartoon series. He is the bearer of the card of the hero Maxxor, with which transforms into battles.


Tom was a young boy fascinated by the online and card game Chaotic, along with his childhood friend Kaz. A day after winning a considerable number of points in the online game he eventually received a coded password. At first this password Tom ignores and denies the warnings on Kaz to login by your CodeScanner, but after much persists Kaz ends up convince Tom to login the password. When you activate the password and counterpart it ends up being teleported to the dimension of Chaotic, which players are able to battle the monsters in their own skin and even venturing the dimension of Perim, where such monsters really exist.

Since Tom is motivated to want to venture between dimensions making battles, meeting new monsters and making friends with other players and creatures. At the beginning of your adventure Tom meets Sarah who becomes one of her best friends, and Klay who becomes his rival and enemy in battles in Chaotic. Later also becomes friends with Peyton, and rival Kristela that combines Klay.


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