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Hero Overview

Tom Sawyer is the main hero in Mark Twain's book series Tom Sawyer.


Tom is imaginative, dreaming of finding treasure. He always finds ways to get out of a jam, going to school, or doing work. He is also sacrificial, as he took the punishment for Becky to show his chivalry.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer and his half-brother Sid are on their way to school when they see Huckleberry Finn fishing. Tom skips school to join Huck, but changes his mind after he sees Becky Thatcher. He tries to sneak into class, but Sid snitches on him to the teacher, Mr. Dobbins. Tom is made to sit with the girls, which he actually likes since he's able to sit next to Becky. He is also sat beside Amy Lawrence, a friend to whom he became "engaged". She still has romantic feelings for him but he is too transfixed by Becky to notice. Tom's pet frog Rebel then disrupts the class, meaning they are given early dismissal.

On the way home from school, during the musical number "Hook, Line and Sinker", Tom tries multiple times to steal a kiss from Becky, but is thwarted each time by her father, Judge Thatcher. The next day, as Tom is about to go fishing with his friends, Aunt Polly makes him paint the house as punishment for what happened at school. Tom, however, gets his friends to paint the house for him instead.

That night, when Tom and Huck go treasure hunting, they find Injurin' Joe and his friend Mutt Potter uncovering a chest of gold. Deputy Bean, who is visiting his wife's grave, discovers Joe and Mutt. As the boys watch from behind a tombstone, Joe brutally murders Bean who tried to hit him with a shovel, frames Mutt and captures Rebel. Tom knows that Joe can track him down through Rebel, so he and Huck make a pact never to tell anyone what they have seen.


  • Attending Your Own Funeral: Tom and Huck are both presumed dead, and watch their own funeral service through a hole in the roof of the church.
  • Big "NO!": Just as Mutt Potter is about to be hanged, he gives one before shouting that Injurin' Joe was the real murderer of Deputy Bean.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Happens several times when he sees Becky.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: He has a pair of boots, but rarely wears them.
  • Fence Painting: Tom tricks the neighborhood kids into painting the houseboat for him.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Huck.
  • Loveable Rogue: As usual for this character.
  • Taking the Heat: While peeking at graded papers, Becky accidentally knocks a jar of ink onto them. When Mr. Dobbins discovers what has happened and demands to know who is responsible, Tom takes the blame and is whipped.



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