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That little alien knew more about being a human than you ever will. His name was Sonic. this was his home... and he was my friend.
~ Tom Wachowski to Dr. Robotnik.

Thomas Michael "Tom" Wachowski is the deuteragonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog film who becomes friends with Sonic. He later becomes Sonic's adoptive father. He is an original character created exclusively for the movie.

Tom is portrayed by James Marsden, who also portrays Cyclops in the X-Men Series, Prince Edward in Enchanted, and Fred O'Hare in Hop, and voices Diggs in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.


Tom is a person with blue eyes and a brown hair.

He wears his police uniform but can be seen in a different clothes in the movie.


Genuinely believing in his oath to serve and protect, Tom tries to help everyone, he isn't afraid of getting damage when someone he cares is in danger. He protects the people he loves and makes them a favor. He risks his life for his friends such as when he risked his life for Sonic. Tom also has a penchant for dry sarcasm and lame humor.

Powers and Abilities

Being a law enforcer, Tom is very proficient in utilizing firearms and has a pretty quick reflexes. Also being a sheriff that involves lots of physical training and works he is at all-time peak in his physical fitness. Tom is shown to be intelligent as he can make portals with Rings, which are forged from alien materials and had never used them in his life. Tom is also shown to be proficient in stealth, as he managed to snuck upon Robotnik with the latter did not even notice the presence of sheriff behind him until the former made a bodily contact and the tussle began.


In Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom wanted to be in San Francisco to protect more people, but suddenly, Sonic appeared and Tom shot Sonic in the thigh with his Dart Gun and Sonic slowly begins to fall asleep and mumbles the name San Francisco which opens a portal to San Francisco. Tom puts Sonic in a cage, but Sonic escapes with ease and explains to Tom that his Rings are now in San Francisco. Sonic says that he needs Tom's help. Tom hides Sonic, but Dr. Robotnik comes and says that he has five seconds to tell where he is. When Sonic sees Tom in danger, he quickly reveals himself to Dr. Robotnik, who yells and Tom punches him.

Tom tells Sonic the way to the location, San Francisco, but Sonic was unable to go there, so Tom has to drive the car and send Sonic to the location, San Francisco. On the way, they stop at a bar where Sonic wants to have some fun. Tom explained Sonic what a bucket list is. When Tom told Sonic about the bucket list, they tried to complete the bucket list. When they arrive at a place where Sonic can sleep, Sonic begins to sleep and Tom sees what Sonic wrote, make a real friend. Tom sees the news where he is called dangerous which makes Tom a little bit sad.

When they continue to going to the location, San Francisco, Dr. Robotnik finds them and starts attacking. Tom and Sonic fight against the robots, but one robot ruins the car and reveals itself to be a bomb. Tom and Sonic quickly try to remove the bomb from Sonic. When they finally do it, the bomb explodes and causes Sonic to temporarily pass out. Tom worries about Sonic and goes to the location where his wife, Maddie Wachowski. After going there, Maddie helps Sonic to recover. Sonic wakes up, says "Gotta go fast", and starts to run. Tom explains Maddie about the situation and they go to the location, San Francisco.

When they finally arrive at the location, San Francisco, Dr. Robotnik's robots find them. Sonic quickly throws Tom and Maddie. Sonic opens a portal with his Rings for Tom and Maddie to be safe.

At the end, Tom and Sonic defeated Dr. Robotnik and Tom sent him to the Mushroom Hills. Tom and his family made Sonic a new cave at their home.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (first appearance)


How are you not dead?! (Sonic: I have no idea! Did ya see me dancing?!) Yes, I saw you dancing.
~ Tom Wacowski to Sonic the Hedgehog.
It's the government whack job that keeps trying to kill us unsuccessfully, nice of you to stop by on your way to Comic Con.
~ Tom Wachowski to Dr. Robotnik.
Uh, Sonic, you got the super speed and everything but Maddie and I?
~ Tom Wachowski to Sonic the Hedgehog.



  • Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Jake Johnson, Michael B. Jordan, Bill Hader, Jason Segal, Justin Timberlake, Adam Pally, Ansel Elgort and Milo Ventimilglia were all considered for the role of Tom Wachowski before James Marsden was cast.
    • Coincidentally, Pratt, Rudd, and Hader were also considered for the role of Sonic before Ben Schwartz was cast.
    • Additionally, Pally appears in the film as Wade Whipple, Tom's friend.


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