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Tommy is the tritagonist in Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting and it's 1996 film adaptation.

He was portrayed by Kevin McKidd in the movie.


Tommy was the straight man of his circle of friends and was one of the only two (the other being Begbie) who did not take drugs, he was also very physically fit and athletic being close to Begbie's strength. He also is seen intervening in Begbie's constant fights and anger fits, he still remained friends with him however and plays along with his stories, he also even attempts to make Begbie win at games of pool they play since he knows that if he were to win instead Begbie would go through another rage fit. After being dumped by his girlfriend Liz after losing their sex tape (which was actually taken by Renton after switching the tapes with a VHS he was borrowing, Tommy becomes very depressed and attempts to take heroin to numb his pain, this results in him getting HIV and becoming incredibly ill with nobody even visiting him. By the end of the movie Tommy is near death and decides to buy Liz a kitten however she coldly refuses it leaving him to take care of it. He then died of an AIDS related form of Toxoplasmosis and was left for days on end before a neighbor called the police in complaint of the smell coming from the flat. The police arrive and discover Tommy's body on the floor in a puddle of his own vomit with the unharmed kitten nearby. All of his friends attended his funeral and visited his memorial in the sequel to the movie adaptation.


  • Tommy's death has been regarded as not only the most tragic part of the story but also the part of the story when all remaining innocence was lost. The choice to kill off Tommy was also most likely done purposefully to show that no matter how well off, hard working and/or physically healthy a person can be, or if they only just started taking drugs, the risk and the capability of driving one's life into the ground (addiction, disease, death, etc.) is still there.
  • Also, another point that may have been hinted through Tommy's death is that, what was at first shown to be a strong individual with a bright future, hid an easily frustrated and inexperienced character that, in contrast to his "sick mates", couldn't handle trauma and depression and quickly plunged into his own doom (meeting a fate a lot worse and a lot faster than anybody else).
  • Kevin Mckidd was unavailable to do the photo shoot for the movie's promotional posters due to him being on holiday during the week when shooting took place.


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