Early Life

Not much is known about Tommy's childhood, other than that the Oliver family adopted him when he was young. His older brother, David Trueheart, who he wouldn’t meet until he was a teenager, was adopted by Sam Trueheart. At some point, Tommy gained an interest in martial arts and soon became highly skilled at it.

Mighty Morphin’ Season 1

Green with Evil


Tommy as the Green Dragon Ranger

In Tommy's freshman year of high school, his family moved to Angel Grove and he was enrolled in Angel Grove High School. He took part in a martial arts tournament, where he fought Jason Lee Scott and it ended in a tie, earning him Jason's respect. Tommy later drove off Bulk and Skull when they were bothering Kimberly Ann Hart, which attracted the attention of Rita Repulsa. She realized that he was perfect to have the powers of the secret Power Coin in her possession, the Dragon Coin, and become her evil Green Ranger. Rita placed Tommy under an evil spell and sent him to the Command Center, which he trashed and then put Zordon out of commission. He then took on the Power Rangers and easily defeated them all. Tommy was then given the Sword of Darkness by Rita, which strengthened the spell to keep him under her control and had him send Jason to the Dark Dimension. There, the Red Ranger was forced to face off against Goldar and then Tommy when he arrived to take over. However Jason managed to just barely escape thanks to the other Rangers teleporting him out.

Tommy attempted to once again sabotage the Command Center while the Rangers were busying defending Angel Grove from Goldar. However Alpha trapped him in a stasis lock, but Rita freed him and grew him to giant size so that he could help Goldar and Scorpina battle the weakened Megazord. It separated and the Dinozords descended below the earth while the Rangers fled back to the Command Center. However Alpha revealed that the stasis lock had allowed him to find out the Green Ranger’s identity, Tommy Oliver. They realized that Tommy was under an evil spell and Kimberly confronted him in the Youth Center, but he informed her that soon she and all the other Rangers would be destroyed. After Rita gave Tommy the Dragon Dagger, he used it to summon the Dragonzord to assault Angel Grove. But Zordon and the Megazord were brought back and the Rangers succeeded in defeating the Dragonzord. Jason faced off against the Green Ranger and his Sword of Darkness was destroyed, freeing Tommy from Rita’s control. Realizing everything he done, Tommy felt terrible, but Jason told him that it was only because of the spell and he accepted the offer to join the Rangers. The Green Ranger was brought back to the Command Center, where he accepted the ranger rules Zordon had set and was given a communicator by Billy Cranston.


Tommy summoning the Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger

Fighting alongside the Rangers


Tommy with Kimberly

Though Tommy originally remained a loner at first, he became closer to the other Rangers and came to appreciate their personalities. He developed a crush on Kimberly and eventually the two began dating. But Tommy and Jason took longer to become closer due to the two viewing each others as rivals, Tommy often trying to show Jason up. Zordon knew of the problem and sent them on a mission to retrieve special blasters that the Rangers needed to take down the Super Putties that were guarded by Titanus. They learned to work together and formed a close friendship, teaching each other martial arts. Tommy also picked up leadership skills from Jason, which helped him later in his career as a Power Ranger.

The Green Candle

But Rita found a way to bring down the Green Ranger. She created a candle made from a magic wax that had previously encased Tommy and as the candle melted, Tommy’s powers would fade and when it burned out completely, the Green Ranger powers would be hers again. Goldar was sent to kidnap Tommy and bring him to the Dark Dimension, since his presence would burn the candle faster. But he took Goldar's sword during their fight and got back to Earth. Rita sent a shape-shifting Cyclops after the rangers and Tommy decided to fight it alone, while the Rangers tried to get the candle. Jason managed to get into the Dark Dimension, but failed to retrieve the candle thanks to Goldar. He and the other Rangers retreated to help Tommy fight the monster, but the candle burned out. However Zordon told Tommy to pass his powers to another with a strong link to the Morphing Grid before all was lost so as to keep them out of Rita's clutches. He gave them to Jason, giving him use of his Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield. Tommy said goodbye to his former comrades and they told him that he would always be a Ranger in spirit.

Return of an Old Friend

On Parent's Day at the Youth Center, Rita kidnapped all of the parents and trapped them in the Dark Dimension. Billy was brainwashed into giving Goldar the Dragon Dagger and he used it to unleash the Dragonzord upon Angel Grove. The Rangers were forced to hand over their Power Coins to get them back, but they were double-crossed. Now powerless, Jason revealed that he still had the Dragon Coin and they teleported Tommy to the Command Center. He agreed to help them and was given an energy boost by Zordon, allowing him to become the Green Ranger once more. Tommy was teleported to where the Power Coins were kept, protected by a strange energy field, and took on Goldar and the Putties. He succeeded in getting back the Dragon Dagger to stop the Dragonzord and the Power Coins before being teleported back. As it turned out, the energy field around the coins had given Tommy's powers a great energy boost, allowing him to continue to fight as the Green Ranger, though it was still temporary. He received regular recharges from Zordon to maintain them as long as possible and became more dependent on the Rangers.

Mighty Morphin' Season 2

Green No More

After Lord Zedd arrived, he became intent on destroying Tommy before all the other Rangers. In his heart, Tommy knew that each day could be his last as the Green Ranger, but chose to continue to fight alongside the Rangers until his powers left him permanently. At one point, Tommy was confronted by a strange image of himself that warned him about Zedd's plans. Zedd's monster, Turbanshell, drained what remained of his powers, which Zedd planed to use to create his own team of Dark Rangers. Tommy was forced to battle Goldar, who mocked him about how he was nothing without the power of the Green Ranger. However, he refused to let Goldar taunt him and launched a surprise attack on his enemy. Tommy found an object that his image told him about – his communicator – which he used to teleport to the other Rangers. He destroyed the crystal that held what remained of his powers and morphed one last time to take on Turbanshell. Crushed and disappointed, Tommy went to his uncle's lakeside cabin to try and figure things out.

White Light


Tommy returning as the White Tiger Ranger

Tommy spent a week at his uncle's cabin before sending a letter to the other Rangers saying that he was coming back. But one day, he was teleported to the Command Center by Zordon and Alpha, who told him about their plan to create a new Ranger from the White Light of Good. This Ranger would be impossible for the darkness to control and Tommy was the perfect candidate thanks to his courage and determination during his days as the Green Ranger. The other Rangers were teleported to the Command Center where Tommy appeared asthe White Ranger. He piloted the Tigerzord and wielded the talking sword, Saba. Tommy at first overestimated his powers and lost control of the Tigerzord at one point, but got back to his feet and was more careful with his stronger powers.


Tommy as the White Ranger

Gaining New Teammates

One day while Tommy was rollerblading through the park with Kimberly and Billy when they met Adam Park, Aisha Campbell, and Rocky DeSantos. The six worked together to save their teacher's baby when his stroller was about to go down a steep hill. They befriended each other and Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy were surprised when the three won a ninja tournament. Zedd was interested by Adam, Aisha, and Rocky and planned to make them into his dark warriors by setting a snake on them that could make them evil. Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy went to save them and while Billy took on the snake, Tommy and Kimberly freed their friends. But the snake wrapped around the Blue Ranger's throat and the White Ranger had to remove his helmet to allow him to breath, saving Billy, but also revealing his identity to Adam, Aisha, and Rocky.

Tommy and Kimberly revealed their identities to the three and brought them to Zordon, who made them swear they would keep it a secret. The trio became friends with the rest of the Rangers, even helping them on a number of occasions. Later Zack, Trini, and Jason were chosen as representatives to go to a peace conference in Switzerland by the Teen World Summit. Since this would keep them away from their duties as Power Rangers, replacements had to be found and they were none other than Adam, Aisha, and Rocky. Tommy lead the other rangers to a distant planet so as to retrieve the Sword of Light, which was needed in order to transfer the powers of the Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger to Adam, Aisha, and Rocky respectively. They managed to get it before Zedd destroyed the planet with Serpentera and the power transfer was completed. Though Tommy was sad to see his old friends leave, he was happy to fight alongside his new friends.

Return Of The Green Ranger

But their problems increased when Rita Repulsa returned and married Lord Zedd, but they managed to succeed over all of their traps and monsters. Rita called upon the Wizard of Deception, whom she had create an evil clone of Tommy that was given the Green Ranger Powers. The evil Tommy and the Wizard then sent back all the Rangers except Tommy to colonial times. Tommy confronted his evil clone in a fierce battle, but he and Zordon eventually found out what had happened to the other Rangers. The White Ranger took the Wizard's wand and used it to retrieve his comrades, then destroyed him.

This also freed his clone of the spell that had made him evil (since being a clone of Tommy, he had goodness in his core) and he immediately felt terrible about everything he had done. Tommy told him that it wasn't his fault and the two went back to colonial times to take care of some rat monsters that the Wizard of Deception had created there. But after they were finished, the Tommy clone realized that there couldn’t be two Tommys in one time. Tommy left him there with his powers intact and named him "Tom Oliver" (although it is never stated, by doing this, Tommy may have created his own ancestry).

Mighty Morphin’ Season 3

Ninja Quest


Tommy as the White Ninja Ranger

A new threat for Tommy and the Rangers came in the form of Rita's brother, Rito Revolto, who destroyed their Thunderzords and damaged their Power Coins beyond use. Thus they headed to the Desert of Despair to find Ninjor, who gave them new Power Coins with the Ninja Ranger powers and Tommy became the White Ninja Ranger with the power of the Falcon.

A Different Shade of Pink

In another attempt to bring down the Rangers, Rita cast a spell on a new Australian student, Katherine Hillard, who was ordered to become friends with the Rangers and help Rita with her schemes. One day at the beach, Tommy found Kimberly feeling weakened and brought her back to the command Center, where it was discovered that she had lost her Ninja Power Coin. The White Ranger felt great concern for Kimberly, having been in a similar position before. Lord Zedd managed to trap the Pink Ranger in the dark Dimension, but Tommy used a teleportation device Billy had created to bring her back.

However Kimberly later got hurt during gymnastics practice and Tommy went to the hospital immediately. Kat managed to break free of Rita’s spell and told the Pink Ranger what happened, which Tommy and the other Rangers heay held no grudge against her. Things would only get harder for the White Ranger, since Kimberly’s gymnastics coach wanted her to come to Florida. Tommy did not want her to leave, but he didn't want to stop her from pursuing her dreams. They vowed to stay in contact with each other and before leaving, Kimberly gave her powers to Katherine.

The Zeo Crystal

After Rita and Rito's father, Master Vile, came to the Moon seeking the all powerful Zeo Crystal, Tommy and Katherine infiltrated Zedd's palace to steal it so that Vile couldn't get it. While Katherine distracted Zedd and Rita, Tommy went into the Caves of Deception below the palace and after overcoming a few illusions, he managed to reach the crystal. However it had a shield around that harmed anyone who had evil in their hearts and it initially harmed Tommy because of the evils of his past. But then it saw all the good he had done and he was allowed to take the Zeo Crystal. Tommy and Kat escaped with the crystal, then shattered it and scattered the five pieces throughout time so that Vile could never get his hands on it.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Tommy Movie

When the Command Center was destroyed, the Rangers were forced to teleport to Phaedos in order to retrieve the Great Power with the last remaining power of the Command Center, to the dying Zordon's protests.

Once there, Tommy and the other Rangers meet Dulcea, who once learning of their mentor Zordon's plight, helps them tap into the power of the Ninjetti, where Tommy learned that in him is an animal spirit waiting to be released - his being the Falcon. As Ninjetti, he and the Rangers travel to the Monolith in order to retrieve the Great Power. Though waylaid by the Gatekeepers, Tommy and the others manage to access the Monolith, which also bore the Falcon symbol among its many creature emblems. It's here where Tommy gained the power of the Falcon Ninjazord. The zords return the Rangers' powers and Tommy finds himself clad in his ranger armor with the Falcon's symbol emblazoned on his chest.

He returned to Angel Grove with the other Rangers to battle Ivan Ooze and emerged victorious. With his Ninjetti power, he, along with the other Rangers managed to revive the dying Zordon, reconstruct his energy tube and return the Command Center to a fully-functioning state.


A Zeo Beginning

But their problems with Master Vile were not over. He used the Orb of Doom to turn back time, turning the rangers into small children. Billy created a device that used their Power Coins as a power source to transform them back into teenagers. He tested it on himself and it worked, but Goldar took this opportunity to steal the coins and Zedd and Rita completely destroyed them. In order to set things back to normal, the rangers went back in time to retrieve the fragments of the Zeo Crystal. Tommy went back to a Native American village, where he helped a wise man named True of Heart. He made his way up a mountain with a bird guiding him to the crystal fragment, but found three wrapped crystals. Only one was the one that Tommy sought and the other two would keep him stuck as he was. With help from True of Heart, he looked inside his heart and found the correct crystal. Tommy was also given a half of an arrowhead that he was told would have an important role in his life. All the rangers returned with the crystal fragments, except for Aisha, who decided to stay in the past and sent a girl named Tanya back with her crystal to take her place.

The rangers became teenagers again, but Goldar and Rito activated a bomb that they had placed under the Command Center. The rangers escaped in time, but the Command Center was blown to bits. As they dug through the wreckage. Tommy came across the Zeo crystal, now whole once again and they were then pulled into the Power Chamber, a secret base that Zordon and Alpha had created in case the Command Center was ever destroyed. But as this was happening, King Mondo and his Machine Empire arrived and drove out Zedd and Rita, then

Tommy as Zeo Ranger V

began making plans to take over Earth. Tommy and the others harnessed the power of the Zeo Crystal to become the even stronger Zeo Rangers with Tommy as Zeo Ranger 5 – Red and the leader of the team.

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

However Tommy received a letter from Kimberly in Florida, telling him that she wanted to call off their relationship and that there was someone else. Deeply depressed by this, the other Rangers took Tommy on a snowboarding trip to try and take his mind off things, but it was ruined by King Mondo constantly sending his monsters to cause havoc.

Found and Lost

Some time afterwards, Tommy began having recurring dreams about True of Heart and one day he met a man named Sam, who looked exactly like him. The Red Ranger offered to drop him off at home and saw a man who looked remarkably like him, but when he attempted to chase after him, the man disappeared. Sam told Tommy that his full name was Sam Trueheart and that the identity of the man he saw would be revealed when he completed his quest. Upon doing so, Tommy found out that the man was David Trueheart, his brother and that he had the other half of the arrowhead. When they were put together, the bearer would be able to control the power of the spirits trapped in a hidden stone. Tommy was ecstatic to meet his brother and introduced David to his friends, but after he beat him in a karate match, David was embarrassed and ran off. The Red Ranger ran after him, but King Mondo captured him, wanting the arrowhead so as to control the spirits of the stone.

Tommy handed over his half, but the machine king double-crossed him and he transformed into Zeo Ranger 5, locating his brother and bringing him to safety. David insisted on going back for Tommy since Mondo had threatened him, and despite the Red

Tommy revealing his identity to David

Ranger’s attempts to convince David that he was alright, he refused to leave without Tommy. Though reluctant, the Red Ranger took off his helmet, revealing his identity to a shocked David. Tommy managed to get the arrowhead back and the two brothers decided to keep each of the halves.

The Power of Gold

During the Zeo Ranger’s battle with one of King Mondo’s monsters, Wolfbane, a Gold Zeo Ranger appeared and helped them. His identity remained a mystery for some time, however Tommy at one point thought that it was Billy. The Gold Ranger was later revealed as Trey from the planet of Triforia, but due to his molecular makeup, he was split into three different beings. He could not join together until he got back to his home planet and could not morph until he did so. The rangers needed to pick someone to take on the Gold Ranger Powers and at first, they tried to give them to Billy. However he had unintentionally absorbed the negative proton energy during the destruction of the Command Center and could not handle the energy. Luckily Jason had returned to Angel Grove recently so Tommy asked him to become the new Gold Ranger. He agreed to do so and they hurried back to the Command Center where the three Treys gave Jason the powers of the Gold Ranger. Before leaving, Trey gave the rangers the Super Zeo Gems that allowed them to take control of the Super Zeozords, with Tommy taking control of Super Zeozord V.

King For a Day

After Prince Gasket took control of the Machine Empire, Tommy was abducted by him and brainwashed. He was told that he was King of the Machine Empire and that the Power Rangers were evil and needed to be destroyed. At first, Tommy was reluctant to put up with him, but when he viewed images of the Rangers destruction, he knew that they had to be gotten rid of. Jason and Kat found out what had happened to Tommy and teleported to the arena where he was. At first they fought the Red Ranger, but they realized that they needed to show him who his friends were to free him from Gasket’s control. They demorphed in front of him and upon seeing their faces, Tommy got his memories back and remembered that the Rangers were good.


Tommy with his love interest, Kat.


Shift into Turbo

After Billy had left for Aquitar, Jason gave his Gold Ranger powers back to Trey, and the Royal House of Gadgetry had been blow to bits by Zedd and Rita, the Zeo Rangers soon dismantled. But when the space pirate, Divatox, kidnapped Jason and

Tommy as the Red Turbo Ranger

Kimberly as part of her plan to unleash the demon, Maligore. Tommy and the others needed a power capable of allowing them to pursue Divatox and took on the Turbo powers, becoming the Turbo Power Rangers. Tommy stepped up as the Red Turbo Ranger and gained a new ally when Rocky injured his back and was unable to meet up with the other rangers. Stepping into the boots of Blue Turbo Ranger was Justin Stewart and Tommy and the others jumped into action.

They went to the cave where Divatox was holding Jason and Kimberly and succeeded in freeing them, before taking on Maligore in their new Turbo Megazord and destroying him. Because of his new powers, Tommy began spending a great deal of time at a racetrack, not attending his graduation ceremony as a result, picking up his diploma earlier. The Red Ranger began spending less time with his teammates, but whenever they needed him, he was there. After Zordon and Alpha 5 chose to leave and return to Eltar, Dimitria and Alpha 6 arrived as their replacements. This wasn’t a problem for Divatox, who was determined to destroy the Turbo Rangers and tried everything that she could, but each time the rangers emerged victorious.

Passing the Torch

One day, Divatox’s mother, Mama D, appeared before her and told her that the best way to get rid of the rangers was to take out the leader. The space pirate sent her Piranhatrons to attack Tommy and Kat, who were on their way to a camp out with Adam, Tanya, and Justin. They succeeded in kidnapping the Red Ranger and brought him to Divatox’s lair where she planned to drop him into the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow. However Tommy was

Tommy and his comrades passing their powers to the new Turbo Rangers

saved by Cassie Chan and Theodore “T.J.” Johnson, who pushed him to safety just before he fell into the Vortex. Impressed by T.J.’s bravery, Tommy picked him as his successor as the Red Turbo Ranger when he, Kat, Adam, and Tanya left to go to college.

College Life

After his tenure as a ranger, Tommy went to MIT, where he took a doctorate in paleontology, inspired by his days with the dinosaur powered Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. However during his fossil research, Tommy found remnants of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, the Dino Gems. When he discovered the powers within the gems, he hid them so that they would never fall into the wrong hands. Tommy also met Hayley Ziktor in college, who helped him in creating the Dino Morphers so that the Dino Gems power could be harnessed to create Power Rangers. Tommy began work with Terrence Smith and Anton Mercer on a project that led to the creation of the Tyrannodrones, Biozords, and Raptor Riders. But an accident led to the destruction of the island they had been working on, as well as the disappearance of Mercer and Smith.

Forever Red

After college, Tommy started a restaurant named Bulkmeier’s in Stone Canyon with the former bullies, Bulk & Skull. He owned most of it and as such, was considered the “boss”. However Tommy wasn’t done with his life protecting the Earth and worked with the Red Space Ranger, Andros, tracking General Venjix and the remnants of the Machine Empire. After finding out that they planned to revive Serpentera, Tommy decid
Forever red

Tommy with all the other Red Power Rangers

ed to team up with all of the Red Rangers, calling in Jason, the Red Mighty Morphin’ Ranger, Aurico, the Red Alien Ranger, T.J., the Red Turbo Ranger, Leo Corbett, the Red Galaxy Ranger, Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger, Wesley Collins, the Red Time Force Ranger, Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger, and Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger. They went to the Moon, where they battled Venjix and the other generals of the Machine Empire with Tommy becoming the Red Zeo Ranger once again. Together, the Red Rangers succeeded in destroying the generals and Serpentera and they went their separate ways.

Dino Thunder

Back in Black

After resuming his paleontology research, Tommy lost all his work in the island explosion. He also found the world threatened by a new enemy, Mesogog. Soon afterwards, Tommy became a teacher at Reefside High School in California. A trio of detention students, Connor McKnight, Ethan James, and Kira Ford, found the Dino Gems and morphers. Tommy recruited them as the new Dino Thunder Power Rangers, but remai

Tommy captured by Mesogog

ned somewhat mysterious and obnoxious, as Connor put it, during that time. One day, he was captured by Mesogog and the three discovered a video biography of all of the Power Rangers teams throughout the years, which also told them about Tommy’s career as a ranger. However his

Tommy as the Black Dino Ranger

capture had placed him in the position to steal the Black Dino Gem from Mesogog with which he became the Black Dino Ranger, joining the other rangers in their fight against evil.

White Thunder

When the White Dino Ranger appeared, Tommy soon found out his identity was Trent Fernandez but after this, the White Ranger encased him in amber. However after he was freed, he couldn’t demorph since his Dino Gem and morpher had been re-molecularized. Despite all this, Tommy couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Trent even when the other Dino Rangers wouldn’t and reminded them of how he had been in the same situation, when he began his Power Ranger career as the evil Green Ranger and out of all the evil rangers, he had come closest to destroying the Power Rangers.

Triassic Triumph

After the Evil White Ranger Clone and White Terrorsaurus attacked the Rangers, Tommy decided to get them an upgrade. He brought Trent to the location of the Shield of Triumph since only the power of his Dino Gem could free the shield from its resting place. Tommy had a suspicion that Connor was the one destined to wield the Shield of Triumph’s power, which was proven right when the Red Ranger showed up to stop it from being lost forever. Tommy later had the other rangers contribute their energies to the shield, allowing Connor to become the Triassic Ranger.

Fighting Spirit

Tommy managed to retrieve a strange slime that he hoped would allow him to demorph and after Hayley analyzed it, they used it on him. But while he succeeded in demorphing, Tommy was rendered invisible. Another experiment returned him to normal, but it sent him into a coma and shattered the Black Dino Gem.

Tommy confronting the Green Ranger in his coma

While in the coma, Tommy faced off against his past ranger personas, the Red Zeo Ranger, the White Tiger Ranger, and the Green Dragon Ranger. He proved that he would never give up a fight for his life and the rangers offered him the pieces of the Black Dino Gem. When Tommy awakened, the restored gem was in his hand and he went to the rescue the Dino Rangers from the new White Terrorsaurus, now able to use Super Dino Mode.

Thunder Struck

When Tommy and the other rangers found out that Trent had been hiding the fact that his adoptive father, Anton Mercer, was actually Mesogog, Tommy considered asking him to hand his morpher over. Though the Black Dino Ranger eventually understood Trent’s loyalty to his father, he left the decision up to the other rangers and they chose to let Trent stay on the team after he saved Connor’s life. In their final battle with Zeltrax, Tommy told the rangers that they could only win by sacrificing their Zords. After the battle, the Black Dino Ranger finally succeeded in destroying Zeltrax with help from Kira. However they had to face off against Mesogog, (who had succeeded in separating himself from Mercer) finally destroying him by unleashing the power of their Dino Gems, losing their ability to morph.

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Tommy at the prom

After Anton asked Tommy what he was going to do while they were at the prom, he said that he would continue his life as a high school teacher, finally leaving his life as a Power Ranger.


Tommy and all of the former Rangers return to help the people, when the Earth and the city were attacked, taking again his role of the Green Power Ranger, and went to help the Megaforce Ranger battle the Armada.


Dr. Tommy Oliver Returns!

One Year after the events of Dino Thunder Tommy is contacted by Jack the Yellow Hyperforce ranger to help him find the rest of his team. Dr. Oliver who in turn agreed  to help find the Rangers, eventually bringing the time ship to the North Pole in 1985. As the rest of the Hyperforce rangers are confused by Dr. Oliver's presence, the Rangers fill Jack in with their recent adventure with Santa and Jack in turn explains to the other Rangers that from his perspective the Rangers had been missing for several weeks and not just hours. In those weeks that the Rangers were missing Jack explains that he and Alpha 55 did an extensive search for them and were able to reprogram the time ship to detect time anomalies in the process. As a result, they were able to detect "The Leader" in Reefside in the year 2005 attempting to find Dr. Anton Mercer and revive his alter ego Mesogog

The HyperForce Rangers and Dr. Oliver return to Reefside in the year 2005 to discover that Dr. Mercer is missing and Dr. Oliver's friend Hayley is in the process of destroying his newly rebuilt underground headquarters, having prior been destroyed by Zeltrax. Eddie uses his focus ability to neutralize Hayley and they see a news broadcast where "The Leader" is demanding for Dr. Mercer and his alter ego Mesogog for his plans. The Rangers learn that Hayley's actions were the result of being exposed to a strange gas being emitted from Hayley's Cyber Cafe. The Rangers use their power to temporarily charge the Black Dino Gem so that Dr. Oliver can become the Black Dino Ranger once more and then they head to the Cyber Cafe.

At the Cyber Cafe the Rangers discover the Putties and a horse plant hybrid Perfume Pony monster. The Rangers manage to drive off the people infected by the gas and discover that the Perfume Pony is the source of the gas. Eddie and Vesper are infected by the gas, but are brought back to their senses after taking blows to their heads.

As the putties are defeated by Dr. Oliver and the other Rangers, Jack uses one of Dr. Oliver's borrowed gas masks to smother the Perfume Pony in its own gas causing the monster to grow. Alpha 55 works on an antidote to the gas and part of the HyperForce team begins to cryogenically freeze the infected civilians attacking them. Dr. Oliver summons the Mezodon Megazord and the other Rangers follow him to suppress the Perfume Pony. Calling upon the HyperForce Zords, the Perfume Pony is badly damaged. Dr. Oliver finishes the monster off with his Brachio Staff, sealing the monster underground. Using their combined powers the antidote is then dispersed around Reefside saving the civilians.

Dr. Oliver receives a phone call from Dr. Mercer, who is at Mercer Industries. They head to Mercer Industries and discover a badly injured Mercer surrounded by Putties. The Putties are driven off and Mercer is healed by Dr. Oliver using the HyperForce Rangers' healing charge technology. Mercer begins changing into Mesogog, brought back to life due to residual Dino DNA still in Mercer's system. The Rangers learn from Mercer and the partially revived Mesogog that they refused to help "The Leader" in his plan of conquest, a plan that is revealed to be somehow tied to Zordon orden. Alpha 55 detects a disturbance on the other side of Reefside and the Rangers attempt to use the gas antidote to help Mercer rid himself of Mesogog, but with little success. Dr. Oliver decides to stay behind to help Mercer in preventing Mesogog from fully reviving as the Rangers say their goodbyes and head off to check out the disturbance.

Stage 4: The Armada

During the events of the Legendary Battle, The Hyperforce Rangers return (after helping Orion) to help out in the Legendary War. Eddie begs Alpha 55 to let them join in despite the chance of altering the future and Alpha 55 agrees that the legendary Rangers could use the help. During the battle the Hyperforce Rangers come to the aid of many of the legendary Rangers unnoticed, though Marv gets Tommy's attention when Marv has an epic fail and runs off to hide. Knowing that the Hyperforce Rangers shouldn't be there, Tommy tries to get the Hyperforce Rangers to leave before they alter the timeline too severely.

Super Ninja Steel

In Dimensions in Danger, Tommy returns to his home in Reefside where he calls out to his son, J.J. about forgetting his bike on the front porch. Just as he was ready to take his son to school however, Lord Draven shows up and kidnaps him. It turns out to be a plot by the villain to capture Power Rangers from various dimensions in order to create a robot army that he could use to conquer all the dimensions. Tommy manages to free himself and saves Wes, Gemma, Koda , and the Ninja Steel Rangers from a force of Basherbots using Dino Thunder Black. The group of Rangers split up and storm Drayvon's fortress, managing to free the other captured rangers. Tommy enters into a battle with an evil robot clone of himself where he proceeds to use the Master Morpher to utilize the powers of Dino Thunder Black (extended cut), Zeo Ranger V Red, White Ranger, and Green Ranger to destroy the clone. Once reuniting with the other Rangers, they morph and work together to destroy the Ranger Clones. Drayvon manages to fire off the last Mega Arrow to destroy the dimensional barriers when Tommy summons the Falconzord to fly up and catch the arrow, sending it straight back at Drayvon while the other Rangers fire at him with their weapons. This finally destroys Lord Drayvon. Tommy and the other veteran Rangers are seen passing the torch to the Ninja Steel Rangers, then returning both Koda and Gemma   to their respective dimensions first before returning to the main dimension.

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