I am Tone! With my addition to the fleet, there will be no problems searching out the enemy!

IJN Tone (Tone jūjun'yōkan?) was the lead ship in the two-vessel Tone-class of heavy cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was named after the Tone River, in the Kantō region of Japan and was completed on 20 November 1938 at Mitsubishi's Nagasaki shipyards. Tone was designed for long-range scouting missions and had a large seaplane capacity. She was extensively employed during World War II usually providing scouting services to their aircraft carrier task forces. She almost always operated in this capacity in conjunction with her sister ship Chikuma.


As a character, she is notable for her old-fashioned militaristic speech patterns, and has a somewhat aggressive personality. She has long, brown hair in twintails with two white hair ribbon accessories. At least in official art, at least one strand of hair comes down between her eyes.

Her sister ship, Chikuma is a notable siscon.

Before upgrade, she wears a single elbow glove on her left arm that has a seaplane runway on it, a green jacket and short skirt, and asymmetrical legwear in the form of a thigh-high sock on her left (runway) side.

With battle kit on, all her turrets are on her right side.

After upgrade, she has a much more visually distinct appearance, switching out her clothing for a similar green jacket, but instead of a skirt, a fundoshi-like long skirt with extreme side slits, and no visible underwear. (Many posts make light of the fact that she apparently wears nothing underneath a single loose piece of clothing.)


She is very serious about battles, speaks in an old-mannish tone and sees her younger sister Chikuma as a rival.


  • Tone was sunk on 24 July 1945 by USN aircraft from the light carrier USS Monrerey at Kure, Hiroshima (34°14′N 132°30′E). She was raised and scrapped over the course of 1947 and 1948.
  • The reason why Tone only has turrets on her right side is because both Tone and Chikuma mounted all four turrets of their main battery forward of the main mast. The rear deck was equipped with a heavy AA battery and a complicated track and turntable system that allowed the quick launch of all 5 (compared to the 3 that all other cruisers carried) of her floatplane reconnaisance aircraft. This is depicted in her original form as a white pattern on her left sock, and on the skirt of her cheongsham in her Kai Ni form.
  • Received her Kai Ni on 23/04/2014, together with Chikuma and Bismarck.
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