Tony Fatal Fury


Tony is a character in the anime, Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle.

He is voiced by Masami Kikuchi.


Tony first met Terry when fishing near the temporary construction site of Terry. When the two chat and share the hot dog, they will see some children in the vicinity re-interpret the fight between Terry and Geese. Although Terry was flattered by this show, Tony angrily tried to see it as an insult to his idol. The children in turn ridiculed and degraded Tony's father as a coward, causing the latter to start beating them. Terry intervened to stop the battle and warned the strong to not hurt the weak. The two were interrupted by the challenge of Kim that asked Terry to fight. After Terry won, Tony immediately asked to become a disciple, but was rejected. When the two left the dock, Krauser quickly approached Terry.

After the encounter, Tony took him to his mother with his defeated idol. When Terry left Tony to give him a shot, Krauser was waiting for the rematch due to Terry's injury in the final game. He was shocked when the fighter ignored the news and decided to follow Terry on his travels. Later, when trying to get Terry out of the drunken coma and leave the bar, they were asked to fight Axel Hawk to interrupt. In order to defend his idol, he was dragged into the struggle with Axel, which is a catalyst to stimulate Terry to get rid of the trend.

Since then, the two have traveled together and Terry train has prepared his confrontation with Krauser. He watched as the two eventually clashed in Krauser's castle and was unhappy in the end of the battle. He eventually reunited with his mother and promised that one day he would become as strong as Terry.


He becomes horrified at the conclusion of Terry's battle with Krauser realizing that fighting wasn't nearly as an idealistic affair as he imagined. He however still remains hopeful and vows to become strong to protect his mother.


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