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Tooru Taki is one of the supporting characters of Natsume's Book of Friends series. She can't see youkais without drawing a magic circle.

She is voiced by Rina Satō in the Japanese version.


Taki has short dusty blonde hair and light brown eyes like Natsume, along with a gentle expression. She was very quiet and reserved when she first appeared in the series due to a youkai's curse, but later shows her extroverted personality when they seal the youkai.


Taki is generally a happy, extroverted, optimistic girl. She refrained from speaking due to a youkai's curse, not wanting anyone else to be cursed along with her, making her seem introverted and mysterious at first, but was returned to her former personality when the youkai was sealed away.

She is shown to have a peculiar taste in cuteness, as is shown when she hugs Nyanko-sensei, calling him cute.

Like Tanuma, she tries to help Natsume in any way she can, but is usually prevented from doing so because Natsume worries about their involvement with youkai.


She is rarely talks because of a curse a spirit has placed on her, which Natsume later helps her to break.

She was first "discovered" by one of Natsume's friends, Nishimura who had heard rumors of her beauty and became entranced, he still maintains an obvious crush on her even though Natsume holds most of her attention. Taki is introduced into the story as a shy, silent girl. Later, the reason for this is because she was cursed by a yokai; the last 13 names said by her will be eaten by him at the end of a one year period. The yokai also throws her into an impossible gamble for her life which he does not honor even when she wins.

Taki herself has too little spirit energy to see yokai, she does have the knowledge of drawing yokai circles, discovered by her grandfather. The circle, once drawn, gives any human the ability to see yokai who step within the radius of the circle. The circle does not require any spirit energy to create and activate, so anyone could possible draw it if they know how to. But due to it being complicated in looks, Taki is presummably the only one able to draw it without the need of a guide.