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Toot Braunstein is the heavy-set member of her group of housemates on Drawn Together. Toot Braunstein was a celebrity cartoon star in the 20s but years out of the lime light have left her a egocentric diva looking to be loved and admired once again. When the reality show of media toons called Drawn Together was put together Toot was selected as one of the contestants, though she believed for her previous fame in truth Toot was selected as a contestant to give the team a social punching-bag. Toot is insecure about her looks and frequently tries to undermine her fellow housemates in order to achieve any sense of glory or sympathy she can get. Toot is a caricature/deconstruction of famous icon Betty Boop showing what the character would be like if a real living person who went from famous to years of obscurity.
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