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When humans fall down here, strangely... I... I often feel like I already know them. Truthfully, when I first saw you, I felt... ... like I was seeing an old friend for the first time.
~ Toriel, reacting to the protagonist's food preference, if the latter had previously done a neutral or pacifist route.
You are stronger than I thought... Listen to me, small one... If you go beyond this door, Keep walking as far as you can. Eventually you will reach an exit. ....... ASGORE... Do not let ASGORE take your soul. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed. ...... Be good, won't you? My child.
~ Toriel, upon being killed by the protagonist on a neutral run.
I am TORIEL, caretaker of the RUINS.
~ Toriel introducing herself.

Toriel, formerly known as Toriel Dreemurr, is a major character in the 2015 game, Undertale and a minor character in the alternate universe spin-off Deltarune. She, as stated, is the guardian of the Ruins, Asgore's ex-wife, and the mother of Asriel Dreemurr. Toriel first saved Frisk's life before Flowey kills the latter with his pellets.


Her appearance is that of an anthropomorphic goat. She wears a large, slate-blue dress or robe that displays the Delta Rune on her chest and is occasionally seen with her reading glathem. Her eyes appear to have a slight red tint to them, although this has been confirmed to be a mistake.


Toriel is a very kind, motherly monster who genuinely cares for the protagonist and their well-being. While ultimately a benign figure, she does have a harder side to her personality, as seen by her refusal to allow Frisk to leave the Ruins and by her cold treatment of Asgore. In addition, she has something of a mischievous streak, evidenced by her interactions with Sans. Both of them share a liking for bad puns, much to Papyrus's annoyance.

Toriel enjoys cooking. Many of her recipes use snails as a primary ingredient, as her favorite food is snail pie. She is also able to bake other things quite well though, as shown when she bakes a cinnamon-butterscotch pie for her and the player (excluding Hard Mode, in which she makes a snail pie in due to lack of ingredients).

She has always wanted to be a teacher. By the time the protagonist reaches her house, she states that she has already prepared a curriculum for their education. This is also illustrated in the game's credits, as she is shown standing outside a school, and in certain Neutral Endings, in which she starts a school.




Before the events of Undertale, Toriel Dreemurr was married to Asgore Dreemurr and had a son named Asriel Dreemurr. Toriel and Asgore were the rulers of the underground consisting of monsters who were sealed millennia ago by 7 magicians following a war, with the only way out being a barrier that will be destroyed once seven human souls attack it. One day in 201X, a human called Chara fell down a pit on Mount Ebott into the underground. Chara was discovered Asriel and was adopted by Toriel and Asgore as their own child. Chara brought hope to the underground.

One day, Chara consumed buttercups and went terminally ill. Their final request before dying was to see the golden flower at their village on the surface. When Chara died, a grieving Asriel combined his soul with Chara's and went through the barrier with Chara's body in his hands. They went to the village to put Chara's body onto golden flowers, but villagers there wrongly assumed Asriel had killed Chara and was brutally attacked. Holding his sibling, Asriel went back to the underground, collapses in the royal garden, and turned into dust.

Asgore, saddened about both of his children now being dead, declares war on the humans. He declares that any human who falls down the Mount Ebott will be killed and their soul will be harvested. Once he has seven souls, he will free monsters from the underground. Toriel, appalled by Asgore, divorces him and exiles herself to the Ruins. She made herself at home in the Ruins and over the years, wished that she had a child to care for herself. At some point, Asriel, now ressurected as Flowey, went to Toriel in an attempt to feel emotion. The attempt failed. It is unlikely Toriel remembers this as Flowey has the ability of saving and resetting.

Many years later, Sans constantly went to the door to the Ruins and would tell knock-knock jokes at it. Eventually, Toriel noticed and participated in one of them in which the punchline was "Dishes a bad joke" at which Toriel laughed at. Sans and Toriel became friends and told knock-knock jokes to each other. One day, Toriel seemed sadder than usual and asked Sans for him to protect the next human that comes through the door. While Sans didn't usually keep promises, he decided to make an exception for Toriel.

Neutral Route

Frisk is the seventh human child to fall down the hole on Mount Ebott after Asgore declared war on the humans, and eighth overall. Just as Frisk is about to be killed by Flowey, Toriel arrives and save them by throwing a fireball at Flowey. Toriel intends to adopt Frisk and leads them through a portion of the Ruins. Toriel then leaves Frisk in a hallway to buy groceries to make Frisk butterscotch-cinnamon pie. Frisk ventures through the rest of the Ruins alone and meets Toriel in the hallway leading up to her house.

Toriel is ashamed that she left Frisk alone and takes them in to her house. Frisk has the option to sleep in the bedroom as the butterscotch-cinnamon pie cools down. When Frisk wakes up, they are treated to a slice of pie. If Frisk asks if they can go home twice, Toriel will go down the basement and to the entrance to the rest of the underground. Toriel warns Frisk that if they go through the underground, they will be killed by Asgore. To prove that Frisk can survive the underground, they will be forced to fight Toriel.

If Frisk kills Toriel, Toriel will tell Frisk to keep walking until they reach the exit and not let Asgore take their soul. Toriel refers to Frisk as "my child" before turning into dust. If Frisk spares Toriel, Toriel will realize that it is selfish of her to keep Frisk in the Ruins and allows them to leave the Ruins but can never come back. Once Frisk leaves the Ruins, the door to it will be locked.

At the end of the route, if Toriel is alive, she will become ruler of the underground due to the death of Asgore. If no one was killed, Toriel will rouse up the spirits of the inhabitants despite the disappearance of the souls. Toriel will start up a new school and disband the Royal Guard. She will make Papyrus, someone who wanted to be part of the Royal Guard, a garden tender and Undyne, the captain of the Royal Guard, an assisstant of the Royal Scientist, Alphys, and a gym teacher.

If someone was killed, Toriel will rouse up the spirits of the inhabitant, but disbanded the Royal Guard. This will result in Undyne losing her job and house and be forced to live at Papyrus's house. If ten or more monsters are killed; or Papyrus or Undyne are killed; a revolution, with Undyne spearheading the revolution if not killed, will force Toriel to resign the leadership role and she will be exiled to the Ruins. Sans (and Papyrus if alive) will accompany Toriel in the Ruins.

Pacifist Route

Her role is more or less the same, with the exception that in this route, Frisk will always spare Toriel and her role near the end is different. During the confrontation with Asgore in New Home, Toriel will use fire magic to stop Asgore. Her motivation is the realization that Frisk would have to kill Asgore in order to escape. Toriel reprimands Asgore for his plan, bringing up that Asgore could've left the barrier once he had killed one human and then kill six other humans and use their souls to free the monsters.

Frisk's friends come to the barrier room and Toriel recognizes Sans's voice. Papyrus reveals that he called everyone there because a "little flower" told him to. Flowey appears and traps everyone in vines. Flowey reveals that the absorbed the humans souls and starts attacking Frisk's soul, seeing everything as a "game". As he is about to deal the final blow, he is stopped through the monsters' healing and encouragement to win. Most of the inhabitants of the underground come into the barrier room to encourage Frisk to win. Flowey, while initially seemingly defeat, calls them all "idiots" and absorbs everyone's soul.

He transforms into a powerful older version of Asriel and attacks Frisk as the latter's friends start to lost their memories. Eventually, Frisk calls out to the souls of their friends and saves them. Frisk then calls out to Asriel and the memory of Asriel finding Chara is replayed. Asriel admits that he was doing all this because of how lonely he felt, and that he cared about his late best friend, only wanting to reset to a time when they were both still alive. He then apologizes, realizing the errors of his ways. Asriel, now redeemed, gives all the souls back and destroys the barrier. Asriel then leaves the room. Because he no longer has the souls, Asriel turns back into Flowey.

The monsters wake up with the barrier destroyed and with no memory of what happened. Toriel encourages Frisk to choose to either explore the underground before leaving it, or leaving the underground immediately. During this time, Alphys upgrades Toriel's phone. According to a bear in Snowdin, Toriel fired Alphys from the role as Royal Scientist due to the True Lab incident. When the monsters get to the surface, Frisk and their friends watch a sunset. Everyone but Frisk and Toriel leaves and Toriel asks if Frisk if they still want to be her adopted child.

If Frisk says yes, Toriel will say that none of this would've happened if Frisk didn't leave the Ruins, but promises to take care of Frisk. If Frisk sas no, Toriel will say that she will see them later. In the credits, it is shown that Toriel is now a teacher at a school and is welcoming Monster Kid in while Asgore is trimming some hedges. In post-credits scene, if Frisk said yes to staying with Toriel, Frisk will be shown sleeping in a bed while Toriel sets down a butterscotch-cinnamon pie next to them. If Frisk said no, it will just show a sepia-tone photograph of Frisk and their friends.

Genocide Route

Her role at the beginning will be similar to the neutral route. She will be oblivious to the fact that Frisk is literally killing all the monsters in the Ruins. During the fight with her at the Ruins's exit, Frisk will kill Toriel in one hit. When they do so, Toriel will ask Frisk if they hate her that much. She realizes that she wasn't protecting Frisk from the monsters, but that she was protecting the monsters from Frisk. She lets out a laugh beforee turning into dust.



Chapter 1


  • Some players nicknamed her "Goat Mom" due to her motherly nature.
  • Toriel is based on Toby Fox's mother.
  • Toriel is a parody of the video game industry lacking motherly figures.
  • Amusingly, when Papyrus meets Toriel on the True Pacifist Route, he thinks that Asgore shaved and cloned himself, reffering to Toriel as "Asgoore's Clone". It seems unlikely that Papyrus is right.
  • As revealed in the True Pacifist Epilogue, monsters (or at least most of them) didn't know that Toriel returned to the Ruins after she left Asgore.
  • In the Ruins, after Toriel gives Frisk a cell phone, they have the option of calling her "Mom", much to her surprise. They also have the option to flirt with her, which will make her asume that they are joking. Flirting with her a second time will leave her not knowing whether Frisk's flirting with her is pathetic or endearing. If Frisk flirts with her AFTER, calling her "Mom", Toriel will be even more baffled, calling them an "Interesting Child". She will also tell Sans about this in the True Pacifist Epilogue.
  • "Dreemurr" doesn't seem to be Toriel's maiden name, as evidenced by her angrily calling Asgore "Dreemurr", and her request to not be called "Dreemurr".
  • Toriel seems to have a fascination with snails, as evidenced by her cooking "snail pies" and reading books about snails.
  • Prior to the events of Undertale, Toriel has never met Undyne or Alphys, as seen prior to Asriel Dreemurr's fight on the True Pacifist Route. Toriel has befriended and talked with Sans through the locked door at the end of the Ruins and Sans has told Toriel about his brother, Papyrus.


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