Toro Inoue is the main character of his own game series Doki Demo Issyo, although mainly being a Japanese exclusive character, he has made a few appearances in western crossovers.



While Toro Inpue's game series is not well known in the west, some backstory of it can be found in other games, such as him being a Cat that was taking in by a Sushi Cheff and having a few friends, one of witch is known as Kuro.

Ape Escape

Toro and some of his friends have appeared in Ape Escape: Million Monkey's, where they can be found throughout various areas.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Toro and his friend Kuro appeared in the crossover fighting game known as Street Fighter X Tekken, as one of the PS3 exclusives. It is unknown if he would appear in the sequel Tekken X Street Fighter.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The Cat Who Would Be Human - Adopted by a kindly sushi store owner, this once-abandoned cat is on a quest to become more human. Toro has the ability to assume any of a variety of roles instantly, adapting as the situation requires. An unabashed fan of games, Toro is thrilled to finally meet so many of his heroes.
~ Toro's biography.

Toro Inoue and Kuro heard about a tornement where all of their favioute characters would be and so went to it. Toro fought against a but of characters, only to see Heihachi Mashima and was woundering why he looks so young, only for Kuro to insult Heihachi witch lead him and Toro to fight each other. Afterwords Toro fought against Polygon Man and three of his Polygonal All-Stars and later went home a bit dissapointed and enjoying his new power.


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