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Toru Hojo (北條 透 Hōjō Tōru) is a fellow cop and Hikawa's rival, Hojo's brilliant and talented in his profession as well as crafty and underhanded, such as his first attempt to capture Agito which nearly got him killed by Aki. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Kamen Rider Agito.


Initially, Hojo firmly believed that Makoto Hikawa was unsuited to be G3's user and while he thought he was an excellent cop and detective, he was "selected" because of the Akatsuki incident.

Some time after, Hojo managed to become G3's user, but was quickly re-evaluated and lost rights to the G3 to Hikawa once more. This starts a feud as Hojo slowly attempts to find ways to make Hikawa lose his position as G3's user.

Eventually, he creates the Victory One System to combat the G3/G3-X, however during a competition to demonstrate which system was better, G3-X's AI went haywire and destroyed the V1 beyond repair and also demonstrated that the system was able to destroy the Unknowns with ease.

Hojo would later attempt to become the G3-X's user, but instead shifts his focus onto discovering why the Unknowns are targeting people. Hojo was the first person to learn of Shouichi's identity as the masked vigilante known as Agito. Eventually with the help of Mana Kazaya, he discovers that Yukina Sawaki, Shouichi's sister, was the first Agito and could not control its power, causing her to accidentally kill Mana's father, Nobuyuki Kazaya.

When Hojo learns that Hikawa's eyesight started to deteriorate, Hojo aids Hikawa through microphone to fight against the Unknowns as the latter is unable to see.