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Torunn is Thor's daughter and one young Avenger from Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. While in the company of the Avengers, she could not behave like a human.


When Torunn's father, Thor, and the other Avengers defeated all the enemies, and there was peace in the world, Thor then returned to Asgard. The reason for Thor's return was when his father, Odin, died, and then Asgard was now in his charge, and not Earth. And at the same time, Thor and his love of life, Sif, fell in love and got married, and after that they got Torunn. But later Thor left Torunn with the Avengers, because there was no humanity in any of the Asgard Gods who made her a hero. After Ultron began an attack seeking world domination, Captain America asked his friend Tony Stark to keep Torunn, James, Azari, and Henry Pym Jr. safe. And while with Tony, Torunn was hidden with the other young Avengers for a full thirteen years. Over the years, one old Avengers, Vision, returned to tell Tony everything, and that’s when the curiosity of Torunn and other young Avengers awoke. Out of curiosity, they secretly followed Tony and Vision, and by chance they found Tony's Iron Avengers at the same time, who accidentally started and began destroying Ultron. But soon Ultron noticed the Iron Man's energy mark on the Arctic Circle, and he grabbed the Iron Avengers and replaced their programming with his own. He then arrived at Tony's whereabouts and Tony put on his Iron Man Armor and began fighting Ultron so that Vision could take Torunn and others to safety. When Tony was captured by Ultron, she wanted to save him, and so she and the other young Avengers went to Ultra City. When she started fighting Ultron’s robots, believing she was invulnerable, she was by no means able to beat them all, and she wasn’t invulnerable at the time. At the same time, Hawkeye's son, Francis Barton, and the Scavengers he led rescued her and the others. They then learned that Ultron was holding Tonya a prisoner in his fortress, and they set out to rescue him. Then when Tony was rescued and they fled, Tony said he had created Ultron, and he told Torunn the truth about why Thor didn't help. After that, they went to the desert to look for Bruce Banner and ask him for help, but he was scared, and hid all these years. Although Bruce refused to help James and the others decided to face Ultron and defeat him, but Torunn herself was a little scared then, but eventually she got the courage and decided to face Ultron with the others. When the Iron Avengers arrived, they destroyed them one by one, and they managed to bring the Hulk out, and with his help they beat Ultron. As Ultron was repairing himself, Torunn took his parts and took them into space and threw them there. At the same time, she was about to end, but then Thor came to the scene and said he was proud of Torunn when she faced her mortality and learned her lesson that Odin was trying to teach Thor. Thor also offered to return her home, but she wanted to return to Earth, and when she returned to Earth, the young Avengers prepared to start a battle against the robots in Ultra City.



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