Yukiden - Toshiie

Toshiie Maeda is one of the supporting characters in the Sengoku BASARA video game series. He is one of Nobunaga Oda's famous generals, a husband of Matsu and Keiji Maeda's uncle.


His story in Sengoku BASARA 2 revolves around chasing his nephew so that he can take him home after Keiji's prank on Toshiie again, leaving his bathroom cold. He and Matsu met a lot of different people, they met Keiji and eventually managed to drag him back.

In Sengoku BASARA 3, he and Matsu were the joint bosses of the Battle of Tetorigawa. First, he fought in a small area protected by a gate, where he would recite his Maeda Clan rules. After his 25% reduction in life, Matsu seems to help him and recite her Maeda clan rules. Then the two will argue about the real rules. After half of their lives are reduced, they will retreat to the full battlefield and have dinner together.

After the failure, Yoshiaki Mogami will see from the food booth and start the story about the capture of Matsu.


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