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Toto (トト Toto) is a giant turtle kaiju created by Kadokawa that first appeared in the 2006 Gamera film, Gamera: The Brave.


Toto's name might come from the English word "tortoise." In-universe, Toto is given his name by Toru after a nickname his late mother used to call him.


Heisei Series

Gamera: The Brave

Toto first appeared in the movie Gamera: The Brave. He was first discovered by a boy who found his egg on an island. The boy took the egg home along with the red gem it was sitting on. The egg hatched into a baby turtle, and surprised the boy's neighbor when he started to fly. He became too big for the boy to take care of in his home, so he was taken to a shed on the shoreline. He disappeared the next day, but he returned to save the boy when Zedus attacked. He battled Zedus and defeated him, but he was captured by the military. Zedus arrived at the location where Toto was being held, and they fought in the city. Toto was thrown into a building and the boy brought him the gem his egg was found on. The gem gave Toto more energy, and he fought Zedus again. He destroyed Zedus' tongue, and he managed to kill him with a single powerful fireball from his mouth. He said goodbye to the boy and the other children with him, and flew away.


Gamera 2006: Hard Link

Toto is in the facility of Amemiya throughout the manga. The researchers try to find a way to help Toto to fight Zedus.


  • Baby Toto was played by a live African spurred tortoise, but when he is shown displaying varying emotions, computer generated imagery was also used.
  • Toto's concept is very similar to the Godzilla characters Minilla and Godzilla Junior, both being younger members of the main monster's species. Like Godzilla Junior, Toto eventually grew up and took the place of his predecessor following his death (as below, Toto's case is actually a rebirth into a new body).
  • Isao Kaneko, director of the special effects team briefly revealed that Toto and the Gamera in 1973 are the same individual with the body regenerated by recycling internal energy.
  • Giant turtle named Love (ラブ Rabu?) appeared in 2015 film Love & Peace (ラブ&ピース Rabu Ando Pīsu?) resembles Toto. Ryuta Tazaki of Gamera: The Brave and Kiyotaka Taguchi known for his works including Geharha and Ultraman series associated with this film.
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