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The Feudal Era is ahead of us... Setsuna's dreams were stolen there. Don't worry. I promise I'll get them back for you!
~ Towa
Towa and Setsuna. Between us half-demon twins, two different worlds exist at the same time... Human and demon, Feudal Era and present day, peace and war, joy and sorrow, dreams and reality, now and forever, and finally, love and hate... A Feudal fairy tale, Yashahime. We'll keep moving forward, overcoming the hurdles of destiny!
~ Towa's monologue.
Soon after we were born, Kirinmaru's sister Zero placed the Silver Scale Curse on our mother, Rin. It's a fatal curse that causes the victim's body to rot away. What's more, Zero bound our mother's life to her's by a thread of fate, making it impossible to kill one without killing the other. To save our mother, we must track down Zero and sever their shared thread of fate before we can defeat her. With the curse progressing again, there's no time to waste! A Feudal fairy tale, Yashahime. We'll keep moving forward, overcoming the hurdles of destiny!
~ Towa's second monologue.

Towa Higurashi is one of the titular protagonists of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She is the eldest daughter of Sesshomaru and Rin, and also the older twin sister of Setsuna.

She is voiced by Sara Matsumoto in the Japanese version and Erica Mendez in the English version. The latter also voiced Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Yuuki Konno, Gon Freecss, Ryūko Matoi, and Aladdin.


She has magenta eyes and silver hair with a streak of red in one of her bangs. When she become full human, she has brown eyes and black hair. As a full demon, Towa's hair becomes longer, her irises has same color, her ears become pointed and her fangs become more pronounced. On her face, she gains a violet crescent moon on her forehead and some red markings on her cheeks. Her body gives off a bright sky blue aura when using her powers. When not in control of her powers, Towa's eyes become similar to that of her half-uncle's and lacks the crescent moon marking on her forehead, in which the awaking the blood of her grandfather's. In addition, her body gives off a crimson aura instead of her usual light blue aura. Her fingernails also lengthen to claws.

For her outfit, she wears a white male school uniform with purple accents on the blazer, a graphite dress shirt, white pants, brown shoes and belt and a red ribbon as a tie.


Towa is consistently friendly and loyal to her friends and those who seek her help, although she initially required time to adjust to the more deadly nature of Feudal Japan compared to her modern setting.

Having been raised with love and acceptance in a (mostly) peaceful world, Towa is more accepting of strange behavior from others and values fighting as a last resort.

In the manga continuity, Towa developed differently due to boys finding her scary looking, while girls fawn over her; meaning she never got into fights, and didn't have reason to reject her femine side (as she wears her girls uniform at school). A common occurrence was having to deal with girls with crushes on her, which sadly included her adopted sister Mei; though Towa's own orientation is unstated. She was also sadder, since Towa's eyes scared off anyone who talked to her; even if Towa was being kind, they assumed she was in a bad mood just from her eyes. Unlike her anime counterpart, Towa is more than willing to kill demons, having been helped by the Higurashi family to exorcise spirits, and snapped a lot easier when confronted with the memory of how she was separated.


She was transported to the modern era through the power of the Tree of Ages when she was just four-years-old. She received shelter from her uncle's in-laws, the Higurashi family, and was subsequently raised by her half-uncle-in-law, Sōta Higurashi. She is reunited with her sister Setsuna after spending ten years in modern times.


Setsuna: Tōkotsu, it's nothing personal. 'Meet an arat, then slay the arat. Meet your parents, then slay your parents.' Know that the light to your path lies therein.
Towa: Villain Tōkotsu of the Four Perils, rest in peace!
~ Towa and Setsuna banishing Tōkotsu to the afterlife.
Setsuna you had a taste of what its like there remember? How peaceful it was, and everyone there. Listen, after I return your dreams to you, I'm going back. Because I made a promise to Mei. And that's why, I'm fine risking my life, but I won't take the lives of others.
~ Towa, on her pacifism to the possessed monk Juan.
So it was you... It was you...! It's your fault Setsuna and I... were torn apart in the forest that day!
~ Towa furiously placing the blame on Homura who was responsible for tearing her and Setsuna apart during the forest fire.
It's okay. You're not alone anymore. We all have each other to relay on now, don't we?
~ Towa comforting her cousin Moroha that they still have each other to relay on.
Sesshōmaru... What is it that he's trying to accomplish?
~ Towa wondering what her father is doing.
Hmm... I wonder... what is this feeling? It's definitely not the same kind of feeling I get when Papa Sōta hugs me...
~ Towa pondering her hug from Riku.
Wait, Moroha. This is between me and Kirinmaru. He is mine alone to slay. I will avenge Setsuna. How dare, you took my Setsuna away from me. I won't let get away with this... Kirinmaru!
~ Towa declaring her vengeance on Kirinmaru after he murdered her sister.
This world is full of weak people. But those who are truly weak, are the ones powerless to protect those they care about when it matters most. And that's, that's exactly the type of person I am. How could I be so weak?
~ Towa expressing her grief while being ashamed of herself by not being able to protect Setsuna.
How dare you go poking around in my memories! I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!
~ Towa swearing to end Zero for messing with her memories.
Riku: You mustn't...! Lady Towa!
Riku: Listen, as hateful as she is, the madam is still connected to your mother by a Thread of Fate! If you kill her, you'll kill your mother!
Towa: I DON'T CARE!!!
Riku: Lady Towa you don't mean that!
~ The berserk Towa yelling at Riku to get out of her way.
Setsuna: Please Towa you must stay calm...
Towa: Don't get in my way! Stand aside!
Setsuna: I will not!
Zero: The half-demon sisters are reunited. How perfect. I can eliminate both of you at once.
Setsuna: If you slay Zero now, our mother Rin will die!
Towa: Let her die I don't care anymore! The only thing I care about is making Zero pay! (...) Tch... You wouldn't know what it's like to suffer the way I have...! Course not...! You had your happy life to live all these years...! You forgot that I even existed!
Setsuna: Towa, this right here, is a memory of mine that our mother sealed away.
Towa: A Dream Butterfly...
~ Towa blaming Setsuna that she forgot about her until being shown about her younger sister's memory.
Setsuna: (whimpers) Towa... I'm so sorry...
Towa: Setsuna...
Towa & Setsuna: (yelps)
Towa: Oh, Setsuna!
Setsuna: Big sister!
Towa: How I hate myself for leaving you behind... I swear... I won't let go of you again...
Setsuna: No, it wasn't your fault Sis... It was me... I'm sorry...
~ Towa and Setsuna's tearful reunion.


  • She wields the weapons Kikujūmonji and Zanseiken. As of A Never-Ending Future, she currently wields a genuine version of the Kikujūmonji.
  • She carried the Silver Rainbow Pearl inside her left eye before she gave it to Riku.
    • She seemed powerless without it. Though as stated by Kirinmaru, it got in the way of the maturing of inherent demon powers.
  • Towa seems to have a subconscious psychological complex about being perceived as weak due to her gender. Hence why she doesn't like girly clothing.
  • Thanks to her natural enhanced abilities, Towa became an accomplished athlete; winning trophies. The weight set in her room implies Towa is either still in a sport or works out out of habit.
  • Towa seems weal-versed in time travel stories from books and movies, which is why she is so determined to prevent anything from the Modern Era from being carelessly left in the past.
  • To help clear up confusion on why Towa matured at a normal human rate, Rumiko Takahashi stated in an interview half-demons age like humans until they become teenagers; it then slows considerably.
  • Since Yashahime starts in 2020's Reiwa Era, it means Towa time traveled to 2010; which puts the series 19 years after InuYasha.
  • Her English voice actress, Erica Mendez, also voiced Gon Freecss in Hunter × Hunter, Ryūko Matoi in Kill la Kill, Megumin in Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Raphtalia in The Rising of the Shield Hero, Makio in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu mo Yaiba, Melissa Shield in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Diane in The Seven Deadly Sins, Atsuko Kagari in Little Witch Academia, Nico Yazawa in Love Live! School Idol Project, Maki Harukawa in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Aladdin (child) in Magi, Emma in The Promised Neverland, Retsuko in Aggretsuko, Yuuki Konno in Sword Art Online, Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Bang Zoom! dub, Noire in Hyperdimension Neptunia, Bernadetta von Varley in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Petra Leyte and Puck in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, Kasane Randall in Scarlet Nexus, Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact, Mash Kyrielight in Fate/Grand Order, Gardenia in Pokémon Masters, Rickert in Berserk (2016 Series), Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon S Viz Dub, Iroha Tamaki in Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, Arle Nadja in Puyo Puyo series, Pac-Man in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Eryn in Fairy Fencer F, Deirdre in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Lianna in Fire Emblem Warriors, Orie Paladia in Under Night In-Birth, and Davie in Glitter Force: Doki Doki.


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