Tramm is one of the many honorary Titans from the show Teen Titans. He can make himself more muscular, giving him great strength.

Teen Titans

Tramm is first seen in the episode Deep Six, in which he repairs the Teen Titans' submarine. He is later given a communicator after the Titans and Aqualad defeat Trident. Tramm is next seen in the episode Calling All Titans, where he faces XL Terrestrial, who is bent on capturing him. After he efeats XL Terrestrial, he helps Aqualad in trying to defeat Trident and Plasmus but both get defeated and captured. He then appears in the episode Titans Together in which he helps the other Titans defeat the Brotherhood of Evil and the other villains. Tramm is last seen at the end of the episode helping the other Titans recapture Dr. Light.


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