NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Tramp from the 2019 movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Tramp Animated.
Being a Streetdog... isn't so bad at all
~ Tramp to Lady
When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.
~ Tramp's warning to Lady that she will be cast aside in the arrival of human baby, the prediction which came true

Tramp is the deuteragonist of the 2019 live-action remake Lady and the Tramp. He is a stray mutt who falls in love with a Cocker Spaniel named Lady and they embark on many adventures together.

He was voiced by Justin Theroux.


We see Tramp for the first time when he wakes up at the train station.
Then he goes for breakfast. Thanks to his cleverness, he manages to get a ham sandwich.
When he runs away and wants to eat his booty, he sees a pair of puppies in the bushes that ask him for food.
The dog succumbs to their requests and gives them his sandwich. When he leaves the park, he sees from a distance Elliot, a dog catcher who wants to catch him at all costs. Mutt helps free his two friends - Peg and Bull. After he escaped Elliot, Tramp moves into Trusty's backyard. Lady talks to him, unaware that Tramp is impersonating Trusty.
When the bitch realizes, she starts barking, even though Tramp begs her to stop. When Tramp tells Lady that he will tell her the truth about the child, it's too late, because Elliot approaches the fence. When the dog catcher leaves, Lady stops the Tramp, and wants to hear from him why the child would be the reason for its owners to stop paying attention to her. Lady didn't believe the dog, which leaves peacefully from her yard. Tramp warns her only with words ,,When a baby moves in, the dog moves out". In the next scene, Tramp saves Lady from the aggressive street dog, Issac. Then, he helps her to remove the muzzle from her mouth. The dogs then go for a walk around the city, as Lady loses her collar and could be caught by a dog catcher. Tramp leads her to his favorite Tony's restaurant. A feeling begins to arise between the two. And they fall in love with each other. The dog shows the bitch view of the city from the hill. He also reveals that he had owners who abandoned him as soon as their baby was born. Suddenly, they are found by Elliot so they run away and separate. Tramp manages to escape, but Lady is captured when she returns to help him.  The dog swears in his thoughts that he will free her.

In the next scene, we see Tramp lurking by the pound (his intention was to free Lady from this place).

A few days later, Tramp is found by Peg and Bull, who were adopted by a nice man. The dog is completely broken, he misses Lady and it shows in his eyes. 

Peg urges Tramp to confess to Lady that he loves her. The dog follows her advice,takes Bull's bone and runs to the object of his love.

The Tramp appears in Lady's garden. He gives her a bone, though he admits he stole it. Tramp tells Lady that he is sorry that he left her at the train station and apologizes for it. 

Lady states that the dog himself said that if others are not loyal, then why should he be. The bitch says she should believe him then, but  Tramp tells her that no, she shouldn't believe him. 

Tramp says that being free without Lady by his side is just loneliness for him. The dog states that the Lady knows that he is an ordinary street dog and has no value. Lady says that Tramp has value for her. Then she tells him that she missed him, for what, Tramp says he missed her too (in this way, though not directly, they both revealed that they love each other)  The lady says that sometimes she goes out into the garden to howl at the moon. 

The tramp says it doesn't have to be over. He offers her a breakaway escape and lots of adventures. The dog is sure that it is not too late for this, but asks Lady for her opinion.
The lady sadly finds it is too late. The girl says that she belongs to this house, that together with Jim, Mrs. Darling and Lulu they're a family. Lady tells Tramp that her owners rely on her and she is loyal to them.

The dog accepts this sadly. He says that the bitch deserves it, which Lady replies that Tramp also deserves home and love, she regrets that together they cann't be happy.

A storm breaks out, so Jim calls Lady to come in and not get wet outside.
Tramp walks away with a broken heart because he knows that the bitch she loves will not spend the rest of his days with him.

Lady is also heartbroken that she dismissed Tramp and broke his heart and hurt his feelings. Suddenly, the bitch notices a rat that climbed up the ivy and entered Lulu's room. Lady tries to warn her owners, but they locked her in the bathroom. because Elliot arrives to interview Jim and Darling and tell them about Tramp. 

Lady, unable to get out of the bathroom, calls for help from Tramp, who did not go too far and hears her bark. The bitch tells him about the danger.

The dog decides to save tiny Lulu from the rat and sneaks into the house and then into the baby's room. 

Tramp looks into the cradle to see if everything is ok with Lulu. Then, he starts looking for a rat. He sees him in the mirror but the rodent jumps on Tramp's muzzle and bites him. The dog manages to dump the rat and starts chasing him around the room. The dog knock over the furniture while trying to catch a rodent. 

Finally, the rat climbs on Lulu's cradle and tries to jump there. Tramp, trying to dump him, turns over Lulu's crib. He catches it with his own body and is wounded, but he is glad that Lulu is fine. 

At the last moment, he notices a rat holding on to the veil, so he grabs and pulls it off. The curtain and rat fall down. Tramp fights the rodent under the veil and eventually manages to maul him to death.

The dog is injured, but goes towards Lulu, wanting to calm her down. At this point, He is caught by Jim and Darling, believing that Tramp tried to hurt Lulu, they hand him over to Elliot.

Lady, wanting to save him, shows Jim and Darling the bitten rat. Then, the bitch chases the carriage with the help of Trusty and Jock. 

Lady scare the horses and causing the carriage to collapse. The bitch finds a Tramp who looks dead because of the carriage  and falling out of it. Lady asks him to wake up, but when Tramp doesn't do this, the bitch seems that the dog she loves has died and she is devastated. She lets out a howl of despair and greif. Unexpectedly, Tramp regains consciousness.  The dog states that Lady howls well, but they still have to work on its volume: ,,Pretty good, kid. We still need to work on your volume". Lady comes up to him and licks his face and wipes her mouth on his, she does it to comfort him and to show him that she loves him. 

Jim and Darling arrive and find Tramp. They realize that the injury he has on his left foreleg comes from a rat bite and they understand that the dog saved Lulu, Darling says Tramp was injured saving Lulu ,,Oh, he got hurt protecting Lulu from the rat". 

Elliot brutally puts the dog around his neck and begins to pull him towards the pound. He is determined to put Tramp to sleep. Darling intervenes to see that Tramp is suffering from injury, and besides, she tries to explain to Elliot that the dog saved their baby from the rat. 

The dog catcher insists that the dog has no collar and is unregistered, so he takes him to the pound. A woman saves Tramp by saying that he has a home, that they is hugging him at their home. 

Elliot releases the rope. Darling tries to convince Tramp, though the dog is wary. He is wounded, sore and afraid, after Elliot treated him a moment ago. Eventually, after Lady's encouragement, Tramp gets up and approaches his new owners. Elliot leaves. Mrs. Darling pulls the rope around his neck so that he can breathe freely and feel free. 

After Mrs. Darling calls him "Good boy," Tramp and Lady lean their heads against the heads of the other, which symbolizes that they are together again and are happy about it. 

A few days later, it's Christmas Eve. Tramp has already been recognized as a family member. The dog receives a new, dark brown leather collar.

Tramp state that is feeling happy at home. They both lie at their owners' feet and listen to Mrs. Darling singing "Peace on the Earh" which symbolizes that both dogs will always be together. 


  • Tramp was the husband of Lady in the 2019 remake.


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