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Lambda Lambda Lambda is the main protagonist of the Revenge of the Nerds series. Lambda Lambda Lambda is nicknamed Tri-Lambs. Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe who just graduated from high school and start college at Adams College. They were happy, they are no longer kids they are men now. They start living in the freshmen dorm and enjoying their new lives in college. When the Alpha Betas who are the football players threw a frat party and what of their hi-jinks they call fire ball burn their house down. Coach Harris who rules this college with an iron fist and plays the fear card with Dean Ulich needs his winning football team a new place to stay. Even though it was their fault they burn down their own house and not take responsibility for it. The Alphas decide to take the freshman dorm and throw the freshmen out. All the freshmen move to the Gym. Dean Ulich arrange for some fraternities to let the freshmen stay at. The rest of the freshmen who didn't get that frat spot, stays int he Gym. Besides Gilbert and Lewis. The other freshmen  Arnold Poindexter, Harold Wormser, Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Takashi Toshiro and  Lamar Latrelle stayed in the Gym with Gilbert and Lewis. All of them trying to find a place to live and they found one. It was abandoned house, they renovate it and made it better. Stan and his girlfriend Betty saw the house and it was amazing. But Stan is not impressed and doesn't want these nerds in this college or in that house. They want them out, but campus police is no help and suggest try the greek council. Greek Council can't help them, since they don't have a charter and they need a national fraternity sponsor to take up this matter. The Greek Council is run by the Alpha Betas and Stan Gable is the president and the one who threw the rock in their window and want them to leave. Every national sponsor rejected except one, is Lambda Lambda Lamdba who will happily sponsor them as a fraternity. The only reason why they took them in, because the nerds didn't send them a picture of them. U.N. Jefferson who is head of Tri-Lamb national fraternity was reluctant to sponsor them. But he caves in and let them become probationary Tri-Lambs even though the Tri-Lambs is a black fraternity. The Alphas used their pranks to make sure the Tri-Lambs don't sponsor them. But the nerds fight back and U.N. was impressed and decide to sponsor for their fraternity. The Nerds are now called the Tri-Lambs, but the Alphas gone too far on their mean prank. They even went to the greek council to stop this harassment. But no luck, since Stan is the president and the Alphas are on the greek council. They can't touch them. The only way the nerds control the Greek council is to beat them in homecoming rally. The nerds defeated the Alphas in the homecoming rally and the nerds selected Gilbert Lowe as the new president of the Greek Council. Betty Childs who was Stan's girlfriend and dumps him to be with Lewis who fell in love with him. But it didn't stop the Alphas and they decided to trash their house to make them leave the college. The nerds feel like they been defeated and want to leave the college. Until Gilbert wasn't going to let them push the around anymore. Gilbert and Lewis went to the Pep rally and make an inspirational speech about how they were treated. The Alphas almost threw Gilbert and Lewis out of their pep rally U.N. Jefferson and his buddies stop them. Dean Ulich who was supporter of the Nerds and pro nerd himself finally stand up to Coach Harris. The speech was a successful, everybody else in Adams become Pro-Nerds and start cheering for them. Dean Ulich wants the Alphas rebuild the Tri-Lambs house and while the nerds stay in the Alphas house. The Jocks ask where they would stay, simple they will stay in the Gym. The Alphas were defeated and humiliated by the nerds for good.

Part 2: Nerds in Paradise

The Tri-Lambs are headed to fraternity conference that it is being held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gilbert who is the president of the fraternity broke his leg playing chess and ask his best friend Lewis who is the vice president of the fraternity to take his place as acting president. The rest of the Tri-Lamb flock who is joining Lewis at the fraternity conference is Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Lamar Latrelle, Harold Wormser, Arnold Poindexter and Lamar Latrelle. The Alpha Betas not from Adams College, but the national fraternity heard about those nerds and wants revenge for humiliating the Adams chapter. Roger Latimer replaces Stan Gable as the new Alpha Betas President and chairman of the regional conference with his right hand man Fred "Ogre" Palowakski get the nerds out of Florida and out of their hotel. They have Buzz who is the acting hotel manager of Royal Flamingo Hotel who is biggest supporter of the Alpha Betas want the nerds out of the hotel. The nerds makes friends with Sunny Carstairs who is the hotel clerk and sexually harassed by Buzz the acting hotel manager. The nerdy bell boy Stewart defends her honor, but Buzz fires him and throws him out of the hotel. Stewart liked the Tri-Lambs and made him an honorary member of the fraternity. Since the Nerds got kicked out Royal Flamingo Hotel and stays in a shady hotel called Hotel Coral Essex. The nerds tried to make the best of it. Roger and his posse used their fair pranks to get them to leave Florida. But it wasn't enough to get rid of them. But they had another idea, since Roger is in charge of the fraternity conference appointed a new by law called Proposition 15", a rule that would require physical as well as academic standards to be met by all members of the conference. Lewis wanted to argue about Prop 15, but he never had a chance. So the nerds found a way to beat them by their own game is to throw Prop 15 party at Hotel Coral Essex. Their party was a success and Prop 15 was voted down next morning. Roger and his friends decide accept defeat, decide to make peace and let the nerds stay at Royal Flamingo Hotel and let them stay in their hotel suite. He proposes a new bylaw stating that any fraternity found to be guilty of a crime will be expelled from the national conference and their charter revoked. Roger set them up, when he hires a couple of girls to take the nerds out for a drive on the beach and so is Sunny. The nerds were arrested, when Roger reported that his car was stolen and use this to set them up to kick them out of the Fraternity conference and their charter. Sunny was unaware what Roger was up to and with Stewart they bailed them out. But that is not far from over, the Alphas kidnapped the nerds and threw them in a deserted island. Their plan was to vote them out of the fraternity conference and lose their charter tomorrow morning. Ogre wanted to tell the whole world how they humiliated the nerds and got rid of them. Since Roger knows that Ogre can't be trusted with this information, they threw him out and make him stay on the deserted island. Ogre decide to switch sides after what the Alphas did to him and become pro-nerd. A minute they were about accept defeat until Lewis was motivated by Gilbert ghost to get off his ass and stop them. So the nerds need to get off the island with their high iq, they figure out what island their on and figure out it is a cuban military guy island. They found the equipment and a tank to get them off the island. Roger and his posse was about to vote them out of their conference, until the nerds show up in an army tank. But it went out of control and landed in the pool. Roger was about to vote them out of the conference, until Sunny told everyone on the fraternity council that Roger set them up. Roger wasn't going to deny it. His posse wasn't no help, since everybody in fraternity council are now pro-nerds and can't touch them anymore. Not even Ogre can help Roger out now, since he switch sides with the nerds. Lewis was about to speak, until Roger tells Lewis that no matter what he says he is always going to be cool, popular and good-looking. Roger was right, their is nothing Lewis can say. But their is something he could do about it, Lewis punches out Roger and throws him in the pool. The fraternity conference are cheering for the nerds, expels Roger Latimer and the Alpha Betas out of the Fraternity conference and lose their charter for good. Roger was defeated and humiliated by the nerds again.

Part 3 the next generation

Lewis and his friends graduated from Adams and after a few years. Their is a new generation nerds coming to Adams College. Thanks to Lewis and the tri-lambs, now the Nerds rules Adams College. Stan Gable who is now a motorcycle cop who graduated from Adams a few years ago. Still holds a grudge against the nerds and tri-lambs after they humiliated him and his frat in the pep rally. He sees some nerds driving by, pulls them over. He is unaware that one of the nerds is the nephew of his arch nemesis who humiliated him and and his frat Lewis Skolnick. Harold Skolnick who is Lewis's nephew and his best friend Ira Poppus just graduated high school and is now attending Adams College his uncle's alma mater and wants to join his fraternity the Tri-Lambs. Stan was about to give them a ticket, thanks to their high tech car they got away with it. Lewis Skolnick is very successful and now chairman of Adams College Computer Science Department and is married to his dreamgirl Betty Childs. Lewis starts to change into a total snob and starts becoming the anti-nerd who now goes by Lou. He becomes a sell out and everything he standed against back them. His nephew Harold and his friend Ira visit him first before they start pledging the Tri-Lambs. Lewis even encouraged them to join the Alpha Betas. Even he forget what they did to him and his friends back then. Harold and Ira start joining the Tri-Lambs and makes friends with Steve Toyotal who is the Korean Elvis, Trevor Gulf, Malcolm Pennington III who is the president of the fraternity and the Greek Council and Judy. They even allow women in Tri-Lamb now. Harold and Ira started to enjoy themselves, until Orrin Price whose family founded Adams College is thew new member of the Adams College board of Regents. He named the college after his son Adam. Price is pro Alpha betas and favors the jocks. He even went to his old frat the Alpha Betas and sees the place going down the tubes. The Alpha Betas are pro nerds now and wish they have nerds in their frat that can raise their GPA and renovate this house. Stan Gable visited his old frat and made friends with Price. Stan motivated his old frat to take back what is theirs. To get rid of those Nerds who ruined, the Alphas vandalized the computer center. Lewis overlooked this fiasco, but not the nerds. Price found a way for the Alphas take back Adams and since Dean Ulich was supporter of the Nerds and the Tri-Lambs is retired. Price hired Stan Gable as the new Dean of Students. He was also still in love with his old girlfriend Betty Childs, when Lewis stole his girlfriend from him. After Harold and Ira and the rest of his new friends are inducted into the Tri-Lambs, the Alphas go to work and start terrorizing the nerds. But the nerds are now in power in Adams and since Malcolm is the president of the Greek Council. They put the Alphas on probation and can't touch them anymore. That didn't stop the Alphas, they kicked Malcolm out of the greek council and used their evil pranks on the nerds. The Tri-Lambs needs some help to stop this harassment against the Alpha Betas. So they go to Lewis, who was the George Washington of Nerds. He fought for nerds rights, back then. But he will tried talk to the Dean who is Stan Gable. He and Stan become friends now and patch things up. But Gable would do whatever he can stop this harassment. Another word is forget it. Since Lewis is no help, since he became a sell out. They need a lawyer to figure out a way to stop the harassment. They found a lawyer who a Tri-Lamb Alum and that is Dudley Dawson aka Booger. Booger became a successful ambulance chaser and got a call from the Tri-Lambs for their help. Booger went to visit Lewis and found out he was a sell out when he became an anti-nerd and hanging out with Stan Gable who used to pushed them around since college. Him and his friends were right about him, he changed that he stand against all these years a self hating nerd. They decide go to court to stop this harassment, but the Judge rules in favor of the Alpha Betas. Since he is anti-nerd and big supporter of the Alpha Betas. When they got back home, I thought they would sulk for a minute, until Booger cheers them up to party with fraternity sister the Omega Mu's. Price found a way to get rid of the Tri-Lambs and humiliate them. He planted marijuana in the house and call the police and start arrest the tri-lambs. Stan was against this idea, planting drugs in their house to frame them. Stan felt remorse about what he is becoming. Lewis came to see Stan and they were about to go fishing together. He also wants talk to Stan talk to the police to get the charges dropped since the Tri-Lambs were innocent and they had nothing to do planting drugs in their house, until he sees Stan talking to Price. Price asked Stan to get rid of him. Stan lied to Lewis and tells him, he still a nerd and tell him to get out of his office. Lewis had enough of being this new guy he always hated and become the guy he used to be. Lewis is back as a nerd and become the man he used to be back in the 80's. First he bails out the Tri-lambs out of jail and they were happy he is back. He even used the house as a collateral to raise the bail money. After getting arrested by the cops, the Alphas took back the campus and their frat house. He even motivated the Tri-lambs to fight back against the Alpha Betas again. This time with a string of pranks and the Nerd Srike. Everybody is favoring the nerds, especially the Campus Police. Stan was to give in and tried talk to Price about surrendering. Price doesn't negotiate with nerds. He had a way to end the strike to frame Lewis Skolnick on misuse of college funds. Since Price was the one who embezzled the college funds in the first place. Betty was going to prostitute herself to get Stan to drop the charges since Lewis is innocent. He decided not to go through with it and decided to become a better person. At the court, mostly the judge sees an open and shut case since he is Anti-Nerds. Booger was questioning Stan, look like Booger was going to lose this case. Until the old Tri-Lamb from the 80's arrived. Lamar, Wormser, Takashi, Lewis's father and U.N. Jefferson are back up Lewis. Gilbert, Lewis best friend is back and they patch things up since Lewis is a nerd again. Stan knew what friends is about and tells the truth that Lewis is innocent and Price is the one who embezzled Adams College funds and planted the Marijuana in Tri-Lambs frat house. The Tri-Lambs are innocent are cleared of all charges. Judge has no choice to give and defeated, to arrest Price and drop the charges against Lewis and the Tri-Lambs. Price is arrested and the Alpha Betas lost their charter and defeated for good. Adams is back as Pro-Nerds and Stan can keep his job as Dean of Adams. They need more nerds in power.

Members of the Tri-Lamb

Tri-Lambs of 1984-1987

Gilbert Lowe - President of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity and President of the Greek Council (1984-1987)

Lewis Skolnick - Vice President of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity and Greek Council. Acting President of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1987)

Dudley 'Booger' Dawson - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1984-1987)

Harold Wormser - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1984-1987)

Takashi Toshiro - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1984-1987)

Arnold Poindexter - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1984-1987)

Stewart Lipsey - Honorary Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1987)

Frederick W. "The Ogre" Palowaski - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1987)

Tri-Lambs of 1993

Malcolm Pennington III - President of Tri-Lamb Fraternity and Greek Council (1993)

Harold Skolnick - Vice President of Tri-Lamb Fraternity and Greek Council (1993)

Steve Toyota - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1993)

Ira Poppus - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1993)

Judy - Member of the Tri-Lamb Fraternity (1993)

Supporters of the Tri-Lambs

Dean Ulich - He is a supporter of the Tri-Lambs and Dean of Adams

U.N. Jefferson - He is a supporter of the Tri-Lambs and Head of Tri Lamb National Fraternity

Betty Childs - She is the President of P.I. Soroity and Wife of vice president of Tri-Lambs Fraternity Lewis Skolnick.

Snotty - Who was a resident of Hotel Coral Essex

Aldonza - The Owner of Hotel Coral Essex

Sunny Carstairs - who is the hotel clerk at the Royal Flamingo Hotel and Lewis Skolnick short term love interest

Stan Gable - Who was their arch nemesis of the Tri-Lamb and is now pro Nerd. He is the Dean of Students in Adams College

Mr Skolnick - Lewis father and father figure of the Tri-Lambs.