Tricloid is three eyes hybrid Subterra and Haos Bakugan and supporting protagonist from Bakugan: Battle Brawlers.

She is an Hybrid like her sister Rabeeder, she is just want to play with someone that she want to be friend with, she do have some antagonistic side , but she seem a bit more friendlier then her sister. Of course they meet Dan Drago Julie Runo Tigrerra and Gorem after her sister force Dan to go to their world, and want to force them to play unfortunately Dan and his friends wanted to continue, then after Rabeeder stop them she and her sister got a crush on him. So, they followed Dan Drago and their friends everywhere, Dan and his friends think they are working for Naga, wich they denied of course when they see the bakugans prisoner from the dust, fearing for their life Dan and the others have no choice to play their game, she made a hear made of mud for Dan wich he accepted it. Of course after Dan leave it was revealed that she was actually working for Naga, because the game was to slow down Dan and the others to let Naga free himself and go to the real world.

Of course while she was playing on the beach she was force by Naga to obey his  rules and work for him, she did turn evil at that moment, she decided to fight Julie and Gorem who team up with Cycloid and Billy who are later join by Nene, of course after she is defeated by the trio and came back to her sense, she go look for her older sister. Of course Rabeeder will think that she's dead wich will enrage her, but after her older sister defeat she revealed that she is still alive, she will then convinced her sister that they should return home to Vestroia instead of working for Naga, wich Rabeeder after being reunited with her will accept and both of them leave returning to Vestroia.


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