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Are you really the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda? Didn't your daddy teach you how to use a sword?
~ Trish to Dante

Trish is one of the main characters of the Devil May Cry franchise. She is a creation of the satanic figure, Mundus. Mundus created Trish in the image of the late Eva, the protagonist Dante’s mother. Trish is demonic in nature despite her appearance and as such has access to several supernatural abilities reflecting her true natures such as super-strength, electrokinesis. Though she has gone on to work solo she frequently returns to Dante's side to help him out.

Trish is a recurring playable character in the series, and appears in every Devil May Cry installment, with the only exception being Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

She is voiced in the Japanese version by Atsuko Tanaka in most of her appearances and Ruri Shinato in Shengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry, and in the English version by Sarah Lafleur in the first two Devil May Cry installments and Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, Luci Christian in the anime, Danielle Burgio in Devil May Cry 4 and its Special Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds/Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 who is also her motion capture in Devil May Cry 4, and Wendee Lee in Devil May Cry 5. Her motion capture in Devil May Cry 5 is Faye Kingsley and her motion captures have also been Masako Kobayashi in Devil May Cry and Mutsumi Kawamukai in the ending.


Trish is a demon with long blonde hair and usually wears a black corset, choker, tight black jeans, boots, and wrist bands.

In the first Devil May Cry game, her corset has a thunderbolt shape in the middle.

As Gloria, she has dark skin and a bob styled platinum blonde hair and wears a white outfit which exposes her cleavage and has orange linings, long white boots, white gloves, and has a tail.


Devil May Cry

Trish arrives at Dante's initially as a client and then quickly as a foe, engaging him in combat. She attempts to electrocute him, but Dante quickly demonstrates his mastery over his demonic powers and overpowers her. Trish seems to take the defeat in stride as if it were expected and tells Dante that she needs his help, as if the fight were a forgone conclusion. Trish brings Dante to Mallet Island, where Mundus is planning to open the gate to the Hell to cross over to the human world. The game revolves around Dante's navigation through the cursed isle.

Trish soon reveals she was created by Mundus to lure Dante to the island and kill him. Trish betrays Dante during a fight with boss, Nightmare, and attempts to kill him. Even after Trish's betrayal Dante still saves her from being crushed by falling rocks. Dante states the only he felt compelled to save Trish was it because she had the physical appearance of his late mother. Dante warns Trish however to stay away from him. Trish is deeply moved by Dante's nobility and frankness, all-the-same she still returns to Mundus to report on the situation. Towards the end of the game Mundus tries to kill Dante by firing a very powerful beam from his third eye, Trish feeling obligated to returns Dante's gesture, sacrifices herself instead, pushing Dante out of the beam's path and allowing herself to be struck instead.

After morning Trish;s death, Dante leaves her with the Sparda and the Perfect Amulet to go finish off Mundus in the underworld. After the battle Dante becomes cornered by a mutated Mundus but hears his mother's voice followed by Trish, who bursts through the wall to aid him. Trish adds her power to Dante to her defeat Mundus, finishing him off. With Mundus destroyed, Trish embraces Dante and begins to cry. Dante points out that Trish has become human, because "devils never cry". The two leave the isle as it collapses and Dante. The game closes with Trish and Dante shown working together as partners out of the renamed "Devil Never Cry" office.

Devil May Cry 2

Though Trish doesn't appear in Devil May Cry 2's storyline, she is presumably still carrying out official demon hunting elsewhere. Trish may be unlocked by beating the game on Hard Mode as Dante. Once unlocked Trish can be used as a character throughout the entire game on future play-through, equipped with Sparda, Luce & Ombra and Nightmare-γ as her weapons. As shown in the first game's opening, she has to a lightning shot ability.

Devil May Cry 4

Trish under her undercover identity, Gloria.

By the time of the fourth Devil May Cry game Trish working with Dante as a fellow Devil Hunter. The character, Lady, informs them about the Order of the Sword (an order that worships Dante's late demon father Sparda as their messiah). To infiltrate the order, Trish takes the Sparda sword and assumes the alias of "Gloria"  and takes the sword to Sanctus. "Gloria is quickly promoted to Executive of the Holy Knights.

Trish uses her potion to spy on the Holy Knights. Because of her looks and rapid promotion, she greeted with a negative reception by the some other members of the Order. Eventually she meets the hero, Nero, during his trek through the mystical blizzard to Fortuna Castle. After some brief explanations the two part ways to attend their own itineraries.

After the second battle between Dante and Nero, Trish disregards her disguise. Once the Savior is activated, she evacuates the island's townspeople while Dante attacks the giant statue.

Once both Sanctus and the Savior are defeated, Trish returns to the Devil May Cry shop with Dante. Trish he gets a phone call from a client with another job for him, Trish and Lady join Dante on the way out of the shop to help him out.

Devil May Cry 5


Trish was designed by Mundus to be cruel at heartless with only the illusion of empathy to play on Dante's perceptions. After Dante saves Trish's life it is in-fact Trish whose perceptions are challenged and she begins to conceptualize emotions and conscience.

Trish's emotions do get the better of her eventually and complete her character-arc when she sacrifices herself to spare Dante from Mundus' wrath.

After Trish's revival she becomes much more in-touch with her feelings though still not to the point of being over-emotional and teams-up formally with Dante as his partner. In the anime in particular Trish is shown to be playful and vampish, Devil May Cry 4 seems to back this up even further.

Powers & Abilities

  • Supernatural Powers: Despite her physical form being that of a human woman with an absolute resemblance to Eve, Dante and Vergil's human mother, she is in fact a demonic creature. Though Trish is now an ally of Dante, she has demonic abilities which helps Dante in his quests as well.
    • Supernatural Strength: She has shown some degree of supernatural strength, being able to throw a motorbike at Dante with such force and velocity that cannot be achieved by maximum human efforts.
    • Supernatural Mobility: She has displayed considerable high amounts of speed and agility. This was primarily seen when she was posing as Gloria in order to infiltrate Sanctus inner sanctum and even fight a battalion of demons easily.
      • Supernatural Reflexes: Her reflexes are fast enough to dodge Lady's missile when it was almost close to her instantly, vial flexing.
    • Supernatural Stamina: She has virtually limitless stamina, especially in combat, as she never tires from hours of combat.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: She has displayed a moderate healing factor, being able to heal a ballistic wound to the head instantly. He even managed to regenerate from Mundus' laser beam, though it took a certain amount of time for her to do so.
    • Semi-Immortality: As a demon with a human physical form, she is immune to age, illness, and other ailments. She can not die unless most of her body is no longer intact or destroyed.
    • Electrokinesis: She has displayed the ability to generate extreme amounts of electrical energy, which she uses in combat. In The Animated Series, she is able to hitch a ride on one of Lady's rockets and amplify it's destructive potency with her electric powers at the same time, while fighting Abigail. Her lightning was strong enough to even affect Dante and incapacitate him for a moment or two. She can even charge her guns with electricity, so as to shoot out exploding bullets.
      • Supernatural Speed: She can even use her electricity to charge and enhance her super speed, to the point of appearing to be teleporting herself, as seen during her battle with Dante.
    • Clothing Regeneration: She was able to sue her command over demonic electricity to regenerate her clothing after her conversation with V.
    • Devil Trigger: She is also capable of using Devil Trigger, during which she dons sunglasses and is surrounded by a yellow aura.
  • Combatant: She is a highly skilled combatant, being able to overpower Lady on several occasions. She still possesses the Sparda Sword and uses it to great effect, combining its attacks with punches and kicks empowered by her dominance over lightning. She also has a master over marksmanship, similarly to Dante.


  • Trish is named after Beatrice Portinari, Dante Alighieri's guide through Paradise in the Divina Commedia.
  • The save file for Devil May Cry on your PS2 memory card, has a chibi version of Trish. If you attempt to delete the save file Trish puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head in disappointment. If you copy the file she'll pump one arm in the air in excitement. If you actually copy the data to another memory card, the Trish chibi will start dancing while the copying is underway.
  • She also voiced Lisa Lisa in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure both English and Japanese Wendee Lee and Atsuko Tanaka.



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