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Boomer says hi.
~ Tristana

Tristana (otherwise known as the Yordle Gunner) is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. She is a yordle inspired by the stories of heroes she learned about in her childhood to create her own adventure and gain herself a legend just like the heroes she learned about growing up.


A far cry from many other yordles like her, Tristana has no interest in discovery, inventing, or even causing general mischief. Instead, she has taken it upon herself to create a adventure for herself inspired by the stories of other admirable warriors she had learned about and was captivated by in her youth. The place of which she would hear most of these stories take place in being Runeterra, learning much about the nation from its factions to its wars. Tristana decided she could be the hero of a legend just like all of the strong, heroic people she had heard about all her life. She now runs on optimism and determination, as well as her cannon Boomer that she relies on in battle, to make that dream a reality.


Tristana has a very rowdy and impulsive personality. She's very excitable (especially when it comes to fighting) and more often than not tends to act without much forethought, in spite of how much she truly means well. One of Tristana's most defining traits is her ambition towards becoming a hero and creating her own adventure, being the reason why she became the feisty and strong-willed powerhouse she is today in the first place. Tristana is also incredibly selfless in spite of how scatterbrained and wacky she is otherwise, as she has protected Bandle City's gateways from mortals of Runeterra to the point of inspiring other yordles to protect the city as well.


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