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Trixie is the hextagonist of LazyTown. Though a troublemaker character, though she does like to play with everyone else. Trixie refers to Stephanie as "Pinky" when trying to get her attention. She also likes to draw mustaches on the Mayor's posters with a black marker. In the episode "Crystal Caper," she kisses Stingy, implying that she might have a crush on him. She loves to ride her red and yellow bike.

In the Icelandic play, Áfram Latibær!, she happened to have a full name which is Trixie Troubleby.


Trixie has tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair styled into three pigtails. She wears a red-and-white shirt with a logo that appears to be a chibi version of herself on the front, red pants, and red/yellow sneakers.


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