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Not worthy.
~ Trixie Tang, Movie Magic
Because, anonymous voice from nobody, you won for comedy, and everybody knows that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment... next to animation.
~ Trixie Tang, Movie Magic
Tell me I'm pretty!
~ Trixie Tang in "Just the Two of Us!"

Trixie Tang is the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary School, who Timmy Turner strives to win over, among every other boy at her school. She is part of the popular kids social group at her school, and in some episodes is their leader. Her best friend and sidekick is Veronica.


Trixie is taller than Timmy and his friends. She is of Asian and Scottish descent and has black hair and light blue eyes. Trixie's attire consists of a pink turtle-neck sweater and headband; her mini skirt and shoes are white boots.


Trixie Tang is an extremely wealthy and popular ten-year-old elementary school student who is the most popular student at Timmy's school. She is depicted as a typical spoiled rich girl, a vain braggart who likes to flaunt her outer beauty when she needs a quick fix. Simply put, she is often portrayed as mean and inconsiderate, but not in the same type of meanness as Vicky the Babysitter. While her attitude toward Timmy's advances is usually cold, she has warmed up to Timmy before, usually when her popular friends are not around to see her. This could implicate she loves Timmy in secret, but she's afraid of confessing it.


  • In "Big Superhero Wish", Trixie's hero-persona is based on the DC character Wonder Woman.
  • Trixie Tang wasn't seen or mentioned in the live action adaption Grow Up Timmy Turner.
    • The creators have never addressed this fact at all.
    • Another clue could be that she possibly travels abroad (considering her luxurious lifestyle).
  • Since the introduction of the new character, Chloe Carmichael, Trixie has fallen out of the important characters.
    • The creators even removed Timmy's love interest of Trixie as well.
    • Her last cameo appearances in Season 10 were "Birthday Battle" and "Dimmsdale's Got Talent".
  • While her friend Veronica harbours jealousy towards her, Trixie remains oblivious to this.
  • She is a hypocrite as she hates cartoons but she herself is a cartoon.


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