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The Trolls are supporting protagonists in Frozen. They consist of the eldest male, Pabbie, Hulda, and many more. They may be loud and inappropriate at most times, but they are actually caring, wise, and loving.

Role in Film

The trolls play a big role in aiding Anna and Elsa in their quest for love.

When Elsa blasts Anna with her magic powers by mistake when they are little girls, their parents take them to see the trolls, who help them by erasing Anna's memories and convincing Elsa to control her powers.

The trolls make their second appearance after Elsa accidentally freezes Anna's heart. Kristoff takes Anna to see them for help. The trolls believe Anna is to wed Kristoff and sing "Fixer Upper." When they discover that Anna is on the brink of freezing, Pabbie tells her that only an act of true love can heal a frozen heart, which turns out to be Anna sacrificing herself to save Elsa.


  • Pabbie is played by Ciaran Hinds.
  • The trolls are basically the therapists of the mountains.


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