Trolls (Sofia the First)
Trolls are a species of green and furry creatures who live in Enchancia.


Sofia the First

Trolls are capable of making music by banging their clubs. Similar to animals, they are nocturnal by coming out at night, returning to their caves at daytime. Gideon thought that trolls are attacking the kingdom, so he sent his guards to send them back to their caves. One is a troll named Gnarly (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) who helps Sofia. Another is Teeni (voiced by Zoe Robb) who is a young troll. King Roland II knows that Sofia is supposed to be in bed at night. He tries to stop her from meeting the trolls as a last chance. Gnarly and his trolls help them escape before sun comes at dawn. As a misunderstanding for the people of Enchancia, the trolls are able to see the stars.

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