Trowa Barton (トロワ・バートン Torowa Bāton, derived from French trois, lit. "three") is the pilot of XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and the XXXG-01HC Gundam Heavyarms Custom in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.


The most experienced soldier of the Gundam pilots, and the only one born on Earth, Trowa is a quiet but determined person. Patient and calm, he will analyze a situation before acting. He hides his feelings well behind an impassive mask. Despite his stoic demeanor, Trowa developed a close friendship with Quatre Raberba Winner. Symbolically, Trowa is often affiliated with masks; not only because of his neutrality and his talent for infiltrating enemy ranks, but also because of his job as a circus clown—a job where he wears a costume and painted mask. Trowa is also shown to have a strong connection with animals, evidenced by when he first joined the circus. On the battlefield, Trowa attacks his enemies with utter ruthlessness and deadly accuracy.


Early Days

Operation Meteor:

He was the third among the five Gundam pilots sent to Earth to destroy OZ. He first attacked a spaceport. To cover himself, he would join the circus, where he would unknowingly reuntie with his long-lost elder sister, Catherine Bloom. His next mission was an attack on the Corsica base. There he would meet the fourth pilot Quatre Raberba Winner, whom he would form a friendship with afterwards. 

Trowa would meet the rest of the pilots during the attack on the New Edwards base, where they thought the OZ officials were gathering. In reality, it was actually a conference of Alliance officials discussing plans for peace talks with the colonies. At first his attack would almost hit Heero and Duo; after Heero assumingly completed the mission shooting down the OZ shuttle containing the Alliance officials, Duo would attempt to retailiate, resulting in the two briefly engaging each other before Wufei arrived and gave the scoop. Later on, he and Wufei would go on to chase Treize Khushrenada. Upon arrival, they damage the fleet, and Trowa dealt with the OZ troops in their way, while Wufei went to take on Treize. After the failure, the two would stick together for some time, before Wufei departed.



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