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Trucy Wright (née Trucy Enigmar) is a recurring character from the Ace Attorney series. She is a professional stage magician, who is a member of the Wright Anything Agency. She's Phoenix Wright's adoptive daughter, and, unbeknownst to her, she is also Apollo Justice's half-sister, a fact that only Phoenix and her birth mother, Thalassa Gramarye, know. She has aided Apollo and her father on a number of their cases, during their investigations and as an assistant counsel in court.

Her signature magic trick is her "magic panties" trick, where she pulls items from her panties. She became one of the minor victims of Apollo's second case when someone stole her panties. When someone ended up dying during one of her magic shows, Apollo also defended her on both murder and involuntarily manslaughter charges.

She's bubbly and innocent minded, yet also bright and sharp as a tact. Phoenix claims that on the inside though, he can tell she's truly hiding a deep depression. Rather ironically, she sees Apollo as a big brother figure, not knowing that he is literally her big brother. At the end of Spirit of Justice, when Apollo stays in the Kingdom of Khura'in to run the Justice Law Offices, she expresses how much she misses him. Phoenix is also seen with her mother, Thalassa Gramarye, discussing the possibility of finally telling her and Apollo that they're related.

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