S1e11b --Give it up Trudie! Technically speaking, the furry fellow won!--

The Trudis are an heroic clones race in Wander Over Yonder. They worked together to beat Wander in their competition at "the best wanderer".


They're orange alien humanoids that maybe were same species as Wander.


Trudi Traveler

Trudi Traveler is Trudis's leader and oce were Wander's rival. She is an elderly traveler who enjoys exploring and visiting new places, just like Wander. She claimed to have visited more planets than Wander, causing him to become competitive and abandon Sylvia.

At the end of the competition (after Wander returned to Sylvia and their vacation), it was shown that Trudi had their clones helping her during the "competition" (i.e. cheating), proving that Wander won after all.

Trudi is seen in "The End of the Galaxy" to aid Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator.

Trudi Clones

The Trudi Clones are a group of clones of the character Trudi Traveler who helped her during her race with Wander.

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