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Truffles is a wife of Mung Daal and an anti-hero in Chowder.

She is voiced by popular voice actress, Tara Strong.


Truffles is the waitress of Mung Daal's Catering Company for at least 386 years and has been married to Mung Daal for 450 years.


Truffles is a short and obese mushroom fairy with green eyes, glasses, light blue hair, and a green dress. Despite calling herself beautiful with a perfect body, several characters, including Chowder and Shnitzel, view her as a scary monster; even Mung himself refers her as a Majungasaur. The mushroom on her head is actually a hat, and hides her bald spot from customers to keep them from running.


As a girl and a young woman, she has a sweet and caring personality. However, as an elder her soft side turned sour. Truffles has a short tempered personality, always complaining about anything off. She would even take days off from the kitchen to get away from the racket her husband and chefs create in the kitchen. Despite having an angry personality, she does care about her husband, Shnitzel, and Chowder, and does anything she can to keep them in a good mood (and busy).


  • C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of Chowder, based Truffles on his mother, explaining why she can be both kind, wise, and choleric.
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