NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Trusty from the 2019 movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Trusty Animated.
Lady! You and your friend better be careful. I smell an intruder afoot.
~ Trusty to Lady
Leave the police work to me.
~ Trusty to Jock

Trusty is the tetartagonist in the 2019 remake of Lady and the Tramp.  He is an elderly, somewhat senile bloodhound with a weakened sense of smell.  At the end Lady saves Tramp in the end.

He is voiced by Sam Elliott, who also voiced Ben in Barnyard, Chupadogra in Marmaduke and Butch in The Good Dinosaur.


Trusty seems to live in the Neighbors house, and Jock was suprised when she got Lady's collar when she was so impressed about everything. After Darling's having a baby she saw the neighbors dogs when the Tramp came in to visit when he was smelling an intruder afoot, after that night, Tramp was caught by Elliott, the Dogcatcher and he'll help her save him from the Dogcatcher.


Sam Elliott is astounded for the voice of Trusty in the Live Action film, from Disney+.


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