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Tsubasa Kisaragi is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is a member of S4, belongs to the Bird Theatre Class, and is also the student council president. Tsubasa is a cool type idol whose preferred brand is Spice Chord.


Tsubasa is a tan skinned girl with golden eyes. She has long, indigo hair with a single purple streak tied into a ponytail by a golden band. Her bangs are swept off to the left with two purple locks pulled back into a braid on the right. Tsubasa also has two golden diamond-shaped earrings, one on each ear. As a Four Star Academy student and a member of S4, she wears the specialized uniform for S4 members.


She is described as being a reliable person. Although she has a cool personality and a strong outer appearance, she is very kind deep inside, and is popular amongst the juniors.


Kisaragi - is the traditional Japanese name for the month of February.

Tsubasa - means wings.


Tsubasa is an actress with great popularity. When she first got into Four Star Academy, she was in the Song class with Hime. After a while, she switched into the Theater Class. She was lonely during her first year at the school and befriended an owl.  



  • Hime Shiratori
Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member.
  • Yozora Kasumi
Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member. She later forms a temporary unit with her and Mahiru called SKY-GIRL.
  • Yuzu Nikaidō
Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member.
  • Mahiru Kasumi
Tsubasa's fellow member in the temporary unit SKY-GIRL.



  • She is 164 cm tall, tied with Yozora as the tallest main character.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her favourite things are watching movies and drinking Soda Pops.
  • Her specialities are sky diving and bird watching.
  • Her weakness is when she is being praised.
  • She shares her speaking voice actress with Ichigo Hoshimiya from the original Aikatsu! series.
  • She shares her singer with Koharu Nanakura and Lilie Shirogane, as well as Rin Kurosawa and Lisa Shirakaba from the original Aikatsu! series.
  • She shares her first and last name with two different top designers from the original series.
  • She is the first known student council president in the entire Aikatsu! franchise.
  • She is the first main character in the entire Aikatsu! franchise who wears earrings.
  • She is the sixth character overall in the Aikatsu! franchise to have dual colored hair, following Sora Kazesawa, Mikuru Natsuki, Rin Kurosawa, Nina Dōjima, and Yume Nijino.
  • In Episode 3, it is revealed that she was originally in the Flower Song Class before switching to the Bird Theatre Class.
    • This makes her the first idol to ever switch classes.
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