Tsukika Izayoi is the hero of Moon World and a shrine maiden.

Appearance and Personality

Tsukika has short dark blue hair with a golden moon hair accessory on the right side of her head. She has dark blue eyes. She wears a cute shrine maiden outfit consisting of a small white kimono with detached, wide sleeves at the top and adorable red and baggy hakama trousers at the bottom. She also wears red traditional Japanese slippers.

Tsukika is a sweet girl who can also come across as timid thanks to her shy nature, but can actually pack quite a punch when she feels nervous or pressured. Part of her shy nature comes from the developing of a small crush on Shirogane, the demon lord of Moon World. And due to this, she can get quite angry if anyone speaks badly of him.


She uses glowing green dual knives and her strongest attack is the Epheseral Blossom dealing damage of 256 SP. Furthering these skills she can also use swords and dual swords.



  • As a shrine maiden, Tsukika can supposedly tell romance fortunes and has been bugged by Alys a lot thanks to this.
  • Tsukika's type is Shirogane
  • The name Tsukika is the female version of Tsukiko which means moon child.
  • In an attempt to cause mischief, Altis asks Shirogane what he thinks of Tsukika, who right in front of her. He thinks of Tsukika as his own daughter, which somehow makes Tsukika run off in tears.
  • Tsukika is the first hero to simply join the party, without Chou-Chou opening her.

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