Tsushima is one of the Etorofu-class coastal defense ships built by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. She was named after Tsushima Island located between the Japanese mainland and the Korean Peninsula.

Launched in March 1943 she spent her life doing what she was designed for, escorting convoys. She survived the war and was handed over to the Republic of China (Taiwan), where she was classified as an An-class frigate (安字級巡防艦) and renamed Lin An (臨安, PF-77).

In 11 March 1954, during the Chinese Civil War, Tsushima (as ROCS Lin An) participated in intercepting a group of PLAN (communist Chinese Navy) gunboats attacking from Pinghai Bay. The group of ROCN ships damaged one of the attacking gunboats, forcing the PLAN group to retreat.

In 7 April 1955, she participated in shelling communist China's shore artillery batteries. She was decommissioned in 1957 following a ship replacement program, and was scrapped in 1963.


  • Soft-spoken and mellow, occasionally pauses between each syllable of her speech. Possesses an eerie way of giggling.
  • Often mentions the dangers of the Southern Corridor, the location where she operated in real life during WW2.
  • She also occasionally makes references to Taiwan and shows slight obliviousness about Japanese traditions as she spent her post-war life as a Republic of China Navy vessel.
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