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Y-you mean it?! Thank you! I'm doing all kinds of training so that I can be just like you! Someday, I'll even master the Great Eagle Bow!
~ Tulin

Tulin is a supporting character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is the only son of Teba and Saki and lives in Rito Village. He is an extremely excitable child who idolized the Rito Champion Revali, who was a legendary warrior a hundred years prior and longs to become like him and he often goes to the Flight Range with his father to train there to reach his level; however, his mother disagrees with this since Tulin is still a fletching. He has an expanded role in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC Guardian of Remembrance, where he ends up in the past and gets lost in the monster-infested Korok Forest and Revali and Teba must save him. He is capable of summoning an updraft which he calls Tulin's Tornado that bring him into the air, but he has yet to master it. He is also proven to be very brave and his enthusiasm and innocence allows him to handle intense and even life-threatening situations, and he is so passionate and innocent that he isn't bothered by Revali's personality, and in turn is one of the few people who got the emotionally distant Revali to openly express his warm gentle side.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Tulin was born and raised in Rito Village where he heard stories of Revali's heroism and skills in archery and summoning an updraft that propels him into the air, as well as he contributions to preserve the peace in Hyrule. Tulin longs to become like him and Teba encouraged that due to his own idolization of the Rito Champion. But when Divine Beast Vah Medoh was on a rampage and terrorized the villagers, Teba has not been able to take Tulin there because of the stressful situation and not wanting him to be put in danger. When Link asks Tulin about the Flight Range and Teba's whereabouts, Tulin gives him directions and notes that he hopes that his dad would come back since he wants to have fun at the Flight Range. Later, after Vah Medoh has been appeased and the village no longer living in fear of being blasted by its lasers, Tulin was worried about his father, who got his leg hurt while helping Link board the Divine Beast, but he is happy that his condition has improved and Teba escorts his son to the Flight Range. Tulin hosts a mini-game at the Flight Range where Link must shoot the targets within a limited time and will reward him depending on his performance.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Tulin is only mentioned in the main game's side-missions where Revali asks Teba about how Rito Village and the Flight Range are faring after a hundred years, which Teba replies that he brings his son there every day.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Tulin had inadvertently followed his father into the past, but is separated in the process. He ends up in Korok Forest instead where he befriends the Koroks and they grant him knowledge on getting around in the forest. Revali had spotted Tulin while at the forest, but quickly loses track of him. Concerned about the boy, Revali tells Teba about him, much to the latter's dismay as he suspected who it was, once Revali tells him that he looks like him and has never seen him in the village before. They go into the forest to search for Tulin and they eventually find him in the clearing and Teba immediately recognized him. Tulin tells him that the Koroks had brought him to a safe area. Teba refuses to leave Tulin on his own due to the monster infestation, and the Rito Captain offers to protect Tulin on their way out. Tulin then meets Revali and tells him that he is just as skilled as the Rito Champion, which a shocked Revali corrects him by telling him that he is Revali. Teba lets him know that Tulin is his son and Revali is pleasantly surprised to learn this. As they reach a dead end, Revali laments over not being able to leave without the help of the Koroks, but Tulin managed to guide the adults out by pointing out the secret passage which they are able to leave after taking out the last wave of monsters. Once they are in the clear, Teba tells Tulin to thank Revali for saving him and he does so obediently. Upon receiving praise from Revali for helping to guide them out of the forest, Tulin becomes so ecstatic that he unleashed so much delight on the nervous Revali and tells him that he is training with the intention of becoming like him and even mastering the Great Eagle Bow. Revali notes that he could have gotten killed and isn't fazed by this fact and believes that he may one day master the winds. Teba agrees, but adds that he must surpass his father first, and Tulin imitates Revali's speaking patterns, making Teba laugh. Revali is seemingly miffed at Tulin, asking if that was meant to sound like him, then he bursts out laughing, and Teba and Tulin join in. Tulin attempts his own version of Revali's Gale dubbing it Tulin's Tornado, but he falls on his back and Teba walks over to him concerned and Revali is amused and he reminds him that he still has a long way to go, affectionately calling him "kid".

Tulin is seen again with Revali and Teba; hanging out at the Flight Range, in the secret ending of the Guardian of Remembrance, where Revali is cradling him on his lap while he is taking a nap and Revali prevents the blanket from flying off of him due to the strong winds, and Teba chuckles at how much they've bonded.


  • Tulin looks more like his father than he does his mother. Revali notes that he doesn't recall seeing anyone like him in his lifetime, which gave Teba a major hint that his son made it into the past somehow.

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