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His real name is Nicky Lee, and his rank is that of sergeant E-5. Tunnel Rat is a Trinidadian Chinese who lived in Brooklyn, New York prior to joining the US Army. He received Ranger training at Fort Benning, and served time in Grenada. Tunnel Rat specializes in explosive ordnance disposal, and is familiar with most NATO and Warsaw Pact explosive devices.

The character's facial appearance is based on G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama.

G.I. Joe: The Movie

In the cartoon series, the character first appeared in G.I. Joe: The Movie as a member of the Rawhides, a group of G.I. Joe rookies. He was often partnered with the taller Big Lob. The Rawhides would try to operate on their own throughout the movie. He was voiced by Laurie Faso.


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