No one makes fun of my nose.
~ Leela tells that no one makes fun of her appearance

Turanga Leela (born on July 29, 2975), better known as Leela, is the captain of the Planet Express ship and one of the main characters of Futurama. With a "not rain nor sleet" attitude and a kick-your-ass grace, the big-booted eyeball of this delivery company is the only wellspring of professionalism to counterpoint the rest of the crew. For better or for worse, the ship runs on her high octane passions, be they her yearning for family, her love of violence, her commitment to a job well done, or her аffection for animals.

She has been known to scrap missions on a whim at the promise of learning more of her past, jeopardize the crew's life to spite Zapp Brannigan, and save Nibbler, and have sudden emotional outbursts about an ex-boyfriend from her past named Sean. Although she doesn't often show it, she is in love with Fry, and vice versa. Leela was the first woman blurnsball player, and the worst player ever due to her poor depth perception. Later on, she finally met her long lost parents, who turned out to be sewer mutants.

She is voiced by Katey Sagal in the English version of the cartoon, and by Pinella Dragani in the Italian version of the cartoon.


Having grown up in the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium, Leela long-lived the lonely life of an orphan, thinking herself as the only member of an unknown alien race.

It is not until her late 20s that she discovers she is, in fact, the only daughter of Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda, shamed sewer mutants from Earth's own degraded depths. It would appear that she was born as a surprisingly unmutated mutant, her only known mutations being purple hair, the elbow talons she usually shaves, a concessional appearance of a singing boil she named Susan and her distinct cyclops eye. Leela was taught Kung-Fu by Master Fnog, who had crashed down on her dreams by telling her that she did not have "the will of the warrior" but the will of "a schoolmarm" or "housewife."


Look, I don't know about your previous captains, but I intend to do as little dying as possible.
~ Turanga Leela on dying
After growing up, Leela begins work at Applied Cryogenics as a Fate Assignment Officer, code number "1BDI" (one beady eye). When Leela meets Fry, she becomes a job deserter in favor of piloting for Planet Express. Leela lives alone in a small unfurnished apartment, "1I" (one eye) in New New York City. She was named Orphan of the Year in 3000 and for a short while, Miss Universe. Due to an accident, she and Kif Kroker have several children together, though Amy, as Kif's "Fon-Fon-Ru", is considered the mother.


In addition to her tomboyish nature and beauty, Leela is known for her extreme sensitivity and no-nonsense personality. She is a headstrong woman who focuses on work first and fun later. She is known for loving animals that are endangered, which led her to meet Nibbler for the first time. She routinely rejects perverts such as Zapp Brannigan. She frequently learns from her mistakes and tries to right many wrongs. She is also shown to be a hardcore pacifist as she was the only person on Earth who would definitely never vote for Nixon's Head to be president. She is fairly impulsive and rejected Fry in the original series, as she did not share his feelings.

Episodes where Leela Uses Her Martial Arts

(Note: The list goes in chronological order.)

  • "Space Pilot 3000"
  • "Fear of a Bot Planet"
  • "My Three Suns"
  • "Hell Is Other Robots"
  • "Fry and the Slurm Factory"
  • "Raging Bender"
  • "A Bicyclops Built for Two"
  • "Bender Gets Made"
  • "Anthology of Interest I"
  • "War is the H-Word"
  • "Amazon Women in the Mood"
  • "I Dated a Robot"
  • "Roswell that Ends Well"
  • "Godfellas"
  • "Less than Hero"
  • "Crimes of the Hot"
  • "Where No Fan Has Gone Before"
  • "The Farnsworth Parabox"
  • "Three Hundred Big Boys"
  • "Bender's Big Score"
  • "The Beast with a Billion Backs"
  • "Rebirth"
  • "The Late Philip J. Fry"
  • "All the Presidents' Heads"
  • "Möbius Dick"
  • "Fun on a Bun"
  • "Fry and Leela's Big Fling"
  • "Murder on the Planet Express"
  • "Meanwhile"


  • Before Katey Sagal was cast to voice Turanga Leela, Nicole Sullivan was considered to voice her, although Nicole Sullivan would later voice Mira Nova in Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command as well as Supergirl in DC Super Hero Girls.
  • Her English voice actress, Katey Sagal, played Peggy Bundy.


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