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Tuwarmon is digivolve form of Damemon in Digimon Fusion.

He is voiced by Masami Kikuchi in the Japanese version and Richard Epcar in the English version.


Unlike his alter-ego, Damemon, Tuwarmon is a taller version of Damemon. He has the same arms and hands as Damemon. The metal parts are separated to four robot-like wings on his back, and his feet are different, and he has an symbol shaped like the letter "X" on his chest.

Digimon Fusion

Season 2

Originally, Tuwarmon was Damemon's true form, changing back from Damemon through the Digi-Ninpou: Warrior Transformation. After his reconfiguration, Damemon can now only become Tuwarmon through digivolution with Ewan's help. While a member of Team Midnight, he placed at least one special subordinate in each of the seven lands for Ewan to use. Tuwarmon could DigiFuse with AxeKnightmon to form the cannon of MusoKnightmon. Tuwarmon can also DigiFuse with Axemon to become Ruthless Tuwarmon and upgrade himself by combining with Sethmon Wild Mode, Gorillamon, Oryxmon and Bullmon to become Ruthless Tuwarmon Beast Mode

Season 3

His revival from the dead made Damemon his natural form, and so the form of Tuwarmon is now accessed through Digivolution.

Damemon digivolve to Tuwarmon and easily take down Cho·Hakkaimon.