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Chickens give me the Creeps, dudes!
~ Tyler expressing his fear for chickens
~ Tyler's catchphrase when doing sports.

Tyler, labeled The Jock, is a recurring character in the Total Drama series, a supporting character in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, and a major character in Total Drama World Tour.

He was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. He did not compete on Total Drama Action, but appeared on the Total Drama Action Aftermath as a commentator. He was also a contestant on Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Tyler is a muscular guy, a little tall and has light skin color. He has brown hair. His clothes simply consist of a red and white tracksuit outfit. He wears a red headband with white stripes, which he never removes. While he wears red and white sneakers.


Tyler is a sports fan who loves anything physical. Unfortunately, he is extremely uncoordinated, constantly putting himself and others at risk. Tyler can also be very dim at times, such as in Broadway, Baby! when Noah tells him to make a mental note of something, and Tyler says he doesn't have a pen. Despite his shortcomings, he is extremely determined, well-meaning, and even has abnormally strong fingers, which have aided him on several occasions. While he tries to present a strong masculine image of himself as a stereotypical jock, Tyler is actually fairly emotional and sensitive. In Phobia Factor, he's devastated at his elimination to the point where he sheds tears, is capable of producing a surprisingly effeminate scream, and isn't as physical a person as he pretends to be, as he was extremely hesitant to fight both Courtney and Justin when the opportunities presented themselves.

Along with being popular with his peers back home, Tyler expresses deep love for his girlfriend, Lindsay. He is hurt more by nothing else than her habit of forgetting who he is, and is overjoyed when she finally remembers him in Slap Slap Revolution. Tyler has also proven himself to be fiercely loyal, shrugging off flirting from other women in favour of staying loyal to Lindsay, and going as far as risking himself harm to save his friends.

He is also dim-witted and a bit cowardly, but he is smarter than Lindsay and is willing to get into danger for her or his team.


Total Drama Island

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Tyler arrives while water-skiing, but trips and flies into everyone's luggage. He then gives a thumbs up, implying that he is fine. Tyler is placed on the Killer Bass. When Duncan kills a cockroach that had been scaring Lindsay, Tyler brags to her that he could have done it too, sparking an attraction between them. Tyler is the second person to jump off the cliff in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. However, he ended up landing on a buoy that marked the safety-zone ring. Nevertheless, Tyler performed better than Courtney and DJ, both who did not jump. In The Big Sleep, Lindsay sees Tyler as a suitable candidate for Heather's alliance, but Heather rejects this idea, due to Tyler being on the opposite team. During sleeping, he has a nightmare of Katie and Sadie being attacked by a bear and wakes up screaming.

Despite being a jock, Tyler has poor athletic skill which became a running gag throughout the series whenever he attempts to perform a task. This is first displayed in Dodgebrawl when every time he threw a ball, he would end up hitting anything other than the opposing team. Eventually, he winds up hitting Lindsay during the second round and becomes devastated. He allows himself to be easily eliminated by Trent, so he could go on a 'date' with Lindsay. Courtney and Heather strongly reject their relationship, with the latter going as far as to throw a dodgeball at his groin and later a kayak at him. Lindsay and Tyler's relationship finally blossoms in Not Quite Famous where they end up making out in the bathroom, when Lindsay was supposed to be spying on Gwen. She accidentally reveals their relationship when she angrily scolds Bridgette for falling into Tyler's arms.

In Phobia Factor, Tyler reveals to the other contestants that he has a fear of chickens. During breakfast the next day, he screams when he is given a chicken. During the challenge, he fails to face his fear and is eliminated as several of the other contestants and Chris make fun of his fear. After his elimination, his team begins to make jokes at his expense, which Courtney tells them to stop. Tyler sheds a tear but suddenly finds out that the Boat of Losers is stocked with cages of chickens, which causes Tyler to scream in horror.

In Haute Camp-ture, he and Lindsay are shown to resume their relationship at Playa Des Losers, though it seems that Lindsay has forgotten who Tyler is, and has begun mistaking the other campers, an Eskimo, and even DJ's bunny as him. He is among the rest of the Peanut Gallery that returns for the finale. He is among those who originally supported Owen in the finale before Owen announces about the party he is going to throw if he wins. In Owen's ending, Tyler kisses Lindsay after Owen wins, while in Gwen's ending, he comforts Lindsay when Owen loses.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Tyler teams up with Owen, DJ, and Cody to retrieve the case with one million dollars. His team is the first to find the case and Tyler manages to retrieve it from the tree after failing several times. His team ended up losing the case to Heather and Harold before retrieving it back from Justin. However, after an encounter with Courtney, Tyler and Cody were separated from Owen and DJ and fail to reach the docks in time, making them ineligible to compete in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Tyler does not compete on this season, but he is referenced by Lindsay on various occasions, who can't remember that he is not competing, even getting his name wrong sometimes. Tyler does appear in the Total Drama Aftermath segments, but has no lines or any significant role. When he is introduced in the first aftermath, Geoff jokes that someone should inform Lindsay about her boyfriend's whereabouts.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it is revealed that Tyler, along with Leshawna, had participated in other reality shows, including "Celebrity Stunt Diving," "You Think You Can Eat That?," "Extreme Chess: Pillar Edition," and "Doctor For a Day." They are shown on a show called "Sharp Things Flying At Your Head," where Tyler gets hit by a cinder block and flies off the treadmill after boasting his "awesome" skills, which he says went to waste on Total Drama. Josh later reveals that Tyler gained a fake baby-bump, apparently for fame. At the Gemmies, Tyler competes with the other contestants for front row seats but, he trips on a small bump in the carpet and tumbles onto everyone. Tyler also helps out when the cast are trying to slingshot Owen's caramel chocolates onto the other bus, though he trips, but is still able to get the chocolates into Leshawna's bra and refills the bra multiple times. When the campers celebrate, he and Lindsay are seen high-fiving each other, but miss and hit each other on the head instead. He is one of the fifteen contestants that doesn't leave to look for help and is rescued by Chris, thus competing in the next season.

Total Drama World Tour

Tyler's klutzy nature is immediately on full display in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, when he trips mere seconds after stepping off of the bus, as Chris introduces him as a returning fan favorite. He is constantly distracted by his jealousy of Lindsay's clear attraction towards Alejandro. During the first challenge, Tyler goes over the pyramid, in an effort to make Lindsay notice him. When he reaches the top, he replies to Bridgette saying that she can surf, saying he can surf too. Bridgette accidentally knocks Tyler down with a post, but Tyler later reaches the other side of the pyramid. He ends up on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, with Alejandro, Owen, Noah, and Sierra, though his suggestion for the team name was "Team #1 and #2". In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Tyler and the rest of the team (excluding Sierra) are motivated by Alejandro's pep talk. Under his leadership, Tyler sits under everyone else on the goat and make they make their way to the Nile River, arriving first. When Chris calls the team's goat "goat-face," Tyler is offended, thinking that Chris was referring to him. They make good progress on their boat until Sierra, the expert weaver, switches to Team Amazon, with Izzy taking her place. Tyler and his team finish in second place.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Tyler is confident that the upcoming challenge is surely for a reward, since two contestants left the competition last time. When the contestants arrive in Japan, Tyler displays his love and knowledge of Japanese game shows, and bonds with Harold over their favorite show, "Human Itchi My Car Go-Go," causing Chris to use his own personal "geek gong" on the two. He excuses himself from performing in the human pinball challenge along with Noah, going along with Noah's excuse of being allergic to panda dander. Tyler goes along with Alejandro's plan for their team's commercial for the advertisement of Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. He helps Noah build the city, which is to be obliterated by Owen. He later sees Owen wearing the monster costume, despite the filming being over and tells him he can take it off, only for Owen to tell Tyler that it is stuck. The team comes in second place again, falling behind Team Amazon.

Tyler is dismayed that Lindsay still doesn't remember him in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better. In the confessional, Tyler talks about how he's the least talked about contestant on all the fan blogs, and how even Ezekiel gets more "play" than him. Tyler performs well in the first part of the challenge, being the first member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to arrive at the sleds. When he arrives at the sleds with Izzy, a concerned Tyler asks Chris if the box in the sled is radioactive. During the challenge, Tyler pulls the team's sled, growing irritated by Izzy. Due to arriving first, Tyler has to pull the sled and has trouble doing so due to his court shoes, stating that if the challenge was on a volleyball court, he would dominate. When Owen breaks the ice, Tyler uses his powerful fingers to hang on to the ice so everyone else can climb back up. In the confessional, Tyler talks about his "wicked strong fingers," mentioning that doctors couldn't explain it. He states that during this first piano lesson, he broke the piano and got into sports after that. Thanks to him and Noah, the team finally wins their first challenge. After Bridgette's elimination ceremony, Tyler talks about his victory in the confessional, bragging about how everyone will know who he is now. Unfortunately, as he talks about his victory, Lindsay barges into the confessional, calling him Noah. He tries to tell her that his name is Tyler. Chris comes in, and signs off, mocking Tyler by calling him Noah.

In Broadway, Baby!, Tyler is offended at Noah's remark about being forgettable, accidentally spitting his food out onto Alejandro. After Tyler compliments Chris on his boat, his insecurities are further aggravated when Lindsay calls him "Dave." In a deleted scene of the first challenge, Tyler is seen staring at Lady Liberty's chest with Noah and Cody, until Cody falls into the statue's chest, and Tyler calls it a "ten point landing." Soon after, Tyler reaches the top and helps the rest of his team pull Owen up. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot jumps down the fireman's pole, Tyler is the second one to jump, eagerly doing so. After Lindsay states that she likes to be called "baby," Noah tells Tyler to make a mental note of it, which Tyler replies by telling him that he doesn't have a pen. When the second challenge begins, Tyler volunteers to collect the apples for the team. Tyler retrieves his team's apple from the turtle pond, headbutting it to shore at Alejandro's suggestion of "using his head," winning the challenge for the team. However, he ends up knocking himself out, and is carried by Owen. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot reaches the finish line, Tyler notices that the baby carriage isn't theirs. They reach the finish line first, but are forced to go back due to Heather switching their baby carriage containing Noah with one that has an actual baby. The team is safe, as the challenge turns out to be for reward only.

Tyler has finally had enough of Lindsay's forgetfulness in Slap Slap Revolution and decides to try to lead her to remembrance. When the contestants are thrown out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet and land in the Alps, Lindsay calls Tyler "Darrell," which causes Tyler to snap and remind Lindsay and she and him were together in season one. Lindsay insists that Tyler has her confused with someone else, stating that the only boy she ever liked on the show is Tyler and that he is never coming back. When Lindsay screams on the mountain, Tyler covers her mouth to prevent an avalanche. Lindsay's forgetfulness depresses Tyler until the musical number Eine Kleine, when, much to his joy, she at last recognizes him. Tyler is so overjoyed, that he unintentionally causes an avalanche. After the song, Lindsay immediately tells her team that Tyler is back. During the challenge, Alejandro instructs Tyler to use his incredible strength to shovel the meat into the grinder, which Tyler agrees to. Tyler does not take part in the second part of the challenge.

After Lindsay's realization in the previous episode, Tyler is shown to be devoted to her in The Am-AH-Zon Race. When Noah complains about economy class, Tyler sees being in economy class as not so bad, since Lindsay is there. While Lindsay comforts DJ about his curse, she says that if Tyler can come back, then anything can happen, even Team Victory becoming the best team. When the challenge begins and Lindsay decides to go left, Tyler decides to follow Lindsay and leads his team on the left path, to be with Lindsay. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot reach the T-bar, Tyler has trouble remembering the name of it, calling it a "hanging-on thingy bar," "riding stick," "grabby whatchama-call-it," and the "zipper-buckle handle," as Chris mocks him. Following Alejandro's example, Tyler uses his pants to cross the zip-line, but the friction sparks a fire.

Tyler falls into the water below and is attacked by piranhas. When he jumps out of the water and lands, Noah and Chris praise his vertical leap. When Gwen contacts Chris on the walkie-talkie, Tyler chimes in and praises Cody when Gwen says she has her hands in Cody's pants (under the effects of his EpiPen), saying "way to go, Cody!" When Lindsay tells Tyler (through the walkie-talkie) that she is in first place and says hello to him, Tyler waves back despite her not being there. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot reaches Machu Picchu, Tyler stays behind with Izzy and Noah while Alejandro searches for Owen. As soon as Alejandro returns, Tyler states that he has found the treasure, mistaking "golden" treasure for "olden." However, the treasure that Tyler finds causes Machu Picchu to collapse, forcing everyone there to flee. When Team Victory is in first class, Lindsay asks DJ for his blessing to invite Tyler to first class with her, and DJ agrees.

As Lindsay and DJ relax in first class, Lindsay is overjoyed about the fact that she still remembers Tyler. Back in economy class, Tyler says that he is upset to be separated from Lindsay, but is glad that she is enjoying herself in first class. When Izzy causes the plane to shake, Tyler ends up inside a baggage drawer. When Lindsay finds out that they're in Paris, Lindsay says that the only person she wants to spend her time there with is Tyler. Tyler is also extremely happy to be in Paris with her, until Lindsay says that she wants to go shopping for Tyler, asking if he always wears a red tracksuit. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot needs to cross lasers to get a piece of their sculpture, Tyler brags about being the captain of his gymnastics team at "kindergym," and volunteers to navigate through the lasers, saying it's "Tyler time." However, he runs into the wall and gets knocked out. However, he quickly recovers and carries all the sculpture pieces for his team. As Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Amazon argue, Tyler sees Lindsay working on the challenge all alone and becomes concerned for her, asking where DJ is.

Later, he helps Noah sort out the pieces and build the sculpture, telling him to "rotate the pieces straight-wise" and then "under-over," as Noah angrily tells him that those are not even real words. When Chris announces the "Walk-Off" tiebreaker between DJ and Lindsay, Lindsay immediately picks Tyler without considering anyone else. As Lindsay dresses up Tyler, Tyler refuses to use the hairstyles she picks. He states that he's glad she's having fun but thinks the hairstyles will cause his fellow hockey team members back home make fun of him. As Lindsay keeps showing him more styles, Tyler states that the situation isn't going to get easier for him. As Tyler walks on the runway, he looks annoyed with his look. Everyone laughs at him except for Lindsay, who cheers. Tyler then falls off the runway. When Lindsay is eliminated, Tyler states that the judges wouldn't know fashion if it hit them in the head. Tyler then shows off Lindsay to his friends back home, and is very upset to see Lindsay go.

Tyler is shown to resent DJ in Newf Kids on the Rock for having won the last challenge which causes Lindsay's elimination. DJ retaliates, stating that he doesn't want to stay, and that Tyler only has to put up with him for one more day. During the challenge, Tyler assists Alejandro and Izzy in pulling a netted Owen out of the water. During Sea Shanty Mix, Tyler calls Izzy a "nut-bar," but praises her fishing skills. Tyler partners with Noah to row the boat, and helps his team arrive at the shore first. At the end of the second part of the challenge, Tyler is forced to kiss a cod "like he means it." When the time comes for Tyler to kiss the cod, Tyler does not think he can do it, since it is a fish. Alejandro advises Tyler to close his eyes and imagine the cod to be Lindsay. Tyler does as Alejandro says, and brings himself to kiss the cod. After he finishes the challenge and wins for his team (albeit tying with DJ), the cod slaps him. Tyler performs in the diving challenge in Jamaica Me Sweat after he unintentionally responds enthusiastically to Noah telling him he can do all of the dives. Due to his poor sight underwater, he ends up grabbing an electric eel instead of the required gold chains. He also grabs two car tires, a grandfather clock and a couch in his subsequent dives. Tyler is partnered with Alejandro in the bobsled challenge. He is shocked when Alejandro tells him about how he tricked DJ with the fish. Alejandro then convinces Tyler to pull his headband over his eyes so as to give him the opportunity to sabotage the track.

Tyler struggles in I See London... during the challenge, in which he performs various tasks that harm either him or his team's progress. First, Tyler slows down his team when he tries to strip the guard using only his teeth, although nobody told him that he needed to do so, frustrating him. The second time, he volunteers to be stretched on the rack so the team can find their clue. Noah and Owen then accidentally leave him in the torture room, where he is captured by "Jack the Ripper." At the conclusion of the episode, Tyler unintentionally sees Duncan and Gwen's kiss. His inability to keep the secret is shown in Greece's Pieces when Alejandro senses that something is wrong with him. Alejandro agrees to let Tyler compete in the wrestling challenge under the condition that he owe him a favor afterward. In the final challenge which is a tiebreaker between Team Amazon and Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, Tyler immediately volunteers to compete. However, he is forced by Alejandro to reveal Duncan and Gwen's kiss, enraging Team Amazon and sparking a conspiracy to throw the challenge and eliminate Gwen. When Tyler is inches away from the medal, his wings melt and he plummets to the ground, giving the win to Cody.

In The EX-Files, Courtney flirts with Tyler in an attempt to make Duncan jealous. However, he is not very distracted by her as he doesn't want to upset Lindsay. Later, Tyler desires to help Owen when he is in danger but Alejandro pulls him away so the team can continue their search for an alien artifact. Tyler and Alejandro are electrocuted by two aliens until Duncan arrives and kills one of them. The three of them then capture the other alien and head back to Chris. All that is left of the alien is blue mush following Tyler's accident involving a land mine. The team loses because of it, and Tyler is voted off due to Alejandro and Duncan's deal. He is then pushed out of the plane by Courtney, taking her frustration about Duncan's invincibility out on him. In an exclusive clip, Tyler does not seem upset about his elimination thinking, feeling it was his best season yet. Suddenly a flock of aliens from Area 51 appear and attack Tyler.

Tyler swings onto the set in Aftermath Aftermayhem when announced, but ends up falling and hurting himself. He is injured to the point of being in a wheelchair, so Trent helps him out. He continues to get hurt throughout the episode. He gets a second chance to compete in Total Drama World Tour. When he rolls the dice, he accidentally drops it on his head first. When he moves, his wheelchair rolls onto a booby trap and he falls through a hole in the platform, getting injured again.

In Hawaiian Style, Tyler is seen making out with Lindsay throughout the episode and raises his hand when Bridgette asks the peanut gallery to raise their hands if they were eliminated because of Alejandro. Despite this, he still chooses Alejandro's side over Heather or Cody's, most likely because Lindsay sides with Alejandro too. In Hawaiian Punch, Tyler gets knocked out by a golf ball when Heather hits it out of the challenge booth. Later, when Alejandro chooses him to help in the challenge, Lindsay tries to wake him up, but accidentally punches him. He apparently regains consciousness some time before Alejandro and Heather reach the top of the volcano, and is seen cheering for Heather, with the rest of the peanut gallery (except Courtney). He is seen among the other eliminated contestants laughing at Chris and Chef when their boat sinks, and as they run from the lava, swimming away from the island.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Tyler appears on the yacht with the other twenty-three original contestants. He and Lindsay are sitting on the rail, at the stern of the yacht, making out.




  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Eva
  • Heather

Audition tape

View this video for Tyler's audition tape

Tyler's audition tape begins with him standing on a football field. He tells the viewers that the show needs an athlete, and that he is the man, then he soon tries to show off his skills to everyone, but he doesn't do so well. He tries to throw a football, but trips over his gym bag. He dives off a high board and does a belly flop. Finally, he tried to do a slam dunk, but missed and falls flat on his face. The ball then falls on the back of his head.


  • Despite his poor athletic skills, Tyler has at times been portrayed as being strong, especially his fingers. There's little evidence that suggests he's physically inferior to Duncan despite being intimidated by him on a few occasions. The fear seems to stem mostly from the fact that he lacks the punk's emotional toughness. Overall, his lack of talent in sports seems to be because of him being extremely uncoordinated and clumsy rather than lacking the physical requirements to excel in them.
  • Tyler has been shown to have Alektorophobia, which is the fear of chickens.
  • According to Todd Kauffman, Tyler was originally supposed to make a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but it was cut from the final release.
  • Since he was unconscious when he was hit from a golf ball from Heather, Tyler is the only contestant who failed to learn of Alejandro's true nature after he knocked Cody off and feed him to the shark (before spit out by Sierra).


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UniKittyPuppycornDr. FoxHawkodileRichard


Luc MaxwellTheo Merton Jr.

ThunderCats Roar

Lion-OTygraCheetaraPanthroWilykat And WilykitSnarfJaga

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